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After transforming his body, Will’s confidence is sky-high. He’s feeling much better, he kept a promise to himself, and he is turning heads at work. Last year was a big year for Will Carter. He celebrated his thirtieth birthday, bought a house, and lost 35 pounds through a combination of diet and exercise. “I hadn’t been 200 pounds since high school, and even then I had problems with my weight.” Like so many employers nationwide, St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital System is incentivizing workplace wellness by linking employee health insurance discounts to BMI and other important health indicators. Thanks to his employer’s My Smart Choices program, Will discovered OurSkinny and six months later, he has completely transformed his body. Will reduced his body fat by 4% and is now maintaining his weight at 200 pounds. “I have always been gearing up towards it,” he says proudly. “I knew I wanted to get in shape at some point, and OurSkinny has helped me with that.”

MORE ENERGY AND FEELING BETTER As a circulating nurse in one of the city’s busiest hospitals, he was working twelve-hour shifts—seven at night to seven in the morning—and over the course of a year he saw his weight and his blood pressure creep upwards. By the time he went in for his yearly physical, Will was already thinking about giving OurSkinny a try. “I was not feeling super great,” he recalls. “I was not as energetic and just tired all the time. You know, the normal things that people will tell you when they are overweight.”

OurSkinny recommends that you speak to your health care provider before starting any diet. Your doctor may then want to see you again after you have been on the program for a couple of weeks. Will’s results in those first weeks were impressive. He smiles, “After that first couple of weeks, that’s when we really started taking measurements.”

Six months later, Will has completely transformed his body. “My doctor has seen me. I have lost over 4% of my body fat and he is very happy with that,” Will reports. “He was like, “Just keep doing what you doing. You might never hit under 200 if you keep building muscle mass, but keep doing what you are doing.” “He’s happy with my health, and I feel much better.”

The OurSkinny Weight Loss Program is unique in that we offer a free consultation with every online order. This allows you and your Wellness Coach to customize the program to suit your lifestyle and to address any special dietary needs. OurSkinny is The Easiest Diet Ever, but everyone’s body is different, and we all have different goals. The support and encouragement of the OurSkinny staff helped Will through the inevitable weeks where his weight loss was not as dramatic and, for one reason or another, he found that he had hit a “plateau.”

Will, of course, was able to work face-to-face with Nathan Mikeska at Ourlife Weight Loss & Fitness in Savannah. “For the first couple weeks I did it strict,” he recalls, “but then Nathan and I worked together to figure out what could I add, what could I take away.” “The OurSkinny staff, their encouragement, helped me through the highs and lows.”

“My whole thing is routine,” he continues: “I would just set the same thing out every day for my main meal, but that’s just me. At work, I needed something that was quick and easy, and the shakes and bars really helped with that.”

In addition to maintaining his weight by making healthier choices in his diet, Will continues to work out twice a week. “I started working out twice a week with OurSkinny's Nathan Mikeska and doing that fairly religiously,” Will says. “Adding exercise was really the key for me. You can lose weight with just the diet, but you can speed it along if you incorporate the two together.”

For those who are not currently active, OurSkinny recommends adding exercise after three weeks on the program. And for those who can’t get to the gym, it’s important to know that just 45 minutes of walking a day can make a huge difference for how you look and feel. For Will, a bi-weekly appointment with a personal trainer was the best way to make sure he stayed on track. “I like working out with someone,” he says. “In your home there’s nobody there to say, ‘Hey, come on you can do it! Couple more reps… Couple more reps… I enjoyed that encouragement, and it has made a difference.”

“It’s always good to have someone on your team,” Will says, and he is right: if you can’t afford a personal trainer, try signing up for group classes at your local gym. The buddy-system is another great way to stay motivated, so find a workout partner with similar challenges and goals.

WHAT’S YOUR SECRET? Will is now maintaining his weight at right around 200 pounds, and he is thrilled. “The goal of the OurSkinny program is to lose weight, but also to taper off and get back to a normal routine, and that’s where I am at now. It has helped me to see food in a different way. I know a lot more now about nutrition and what your body really needs and what it doesn’t.”

Today, Will’s confidence is sky-high. He’s feeling much better. He kept a promise to himself. And he is turning heads in the hospital corridors. “People notice for sure,” he says with a wry smile. “I am not married and I don’t have a girlfriend right now, but I have noticed that the girls are checking me out a little more. Before they might say, ‘Hey, Will.’ Now they want to chat a bit.” They all want to know his secret. “I was just talking to a girl today, and now she’s going to start on OurSkinny,” he says. “I don’t want to force it on anybody, but when they ask, ‘How’d you do it?’ I am happy to say, start HERE.”

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