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"Once I got into a routine and got some of the bad habits out of my system, it became very easy to keep it going.”

Terri Foote had been struggling to lose weight, trying for years with various weight loss programs. She’s a busy lady, an art teacher by day and, for 70 nights of the summer and at events throughout the city, she is “Gnate the Gnat”, mascot for the Savannah Sand Gnats, single-A affiliate of the New York Mets. “Nothing was really working with my schedule, and I was down in the dumps,” she recalls. That’s when a co-worker told her about OurSkinny. “I thought, okay, I will give this one a shot, and it was nice that it was so easy. Once I got into a routine and got some of the bad habits out of my system, it became very easy to keep it going.” Terri lost 32 pounds, and she looks and feels great. “I am not as sluggish,” she says. “I used to be very tired all the time, but now I have more energy and a lot more confidence. Before, I didn’t want to hang out much or go out in public, because I was so depressed at how I looked.” “I used to beat myself up a lot, but now I am much happier.”

Like so many other OurSkinny customers, Terri had plenty of experience with other weight loss programs. "I tried Nutrisystem years ago,” Terri recalls. “I tried Jenny Craig a couple of times, but they don’t teach you how to eat right. Those other programs just give you processed food and as long as you stick to those meals you lose weight, but I wasn’t learning how to eat.” "I tried Weight Watchers, too, and that worked for a bit, but with my crazy schedule I don’t have time to count points. I don’t want to think about it… I want it to be easy.”

The key to sustained weight loss success is learning how to make healthy choices. What is a healthy snack? How do you choose the right protein bar? How do you put together a balanced meal? What is the proper portion size for a given vegetable? How much fruit should you be eating? What are some of the best ways to ensure a balance of protein and carbohydrates?

For Terri, it was the ease and the knowledgeable support of OurSkinny’s coaching staff that made all the difference. Her coach kept her on track and, as she puts it, “Once people at school and at work started noticing the changes, it was easy to keep going.”

One of the most problematic things about trying to lose weight is the guilt that goes with the occasional treat we might allow ourselves. Often, one bad choice leads to several, and the associated guilt can undermine the entire project.

OurSkinny is different. Because it is so easy to jump back on the program, it’s not as damaging when it’s time to take a break: “What I have found,” Terri says, “is that when I have gone on vacation or on special occasions, I would stick to the shakes and was able to splurge on things and not feel guilty. It helped me stay focused, because I was still getting a treat here and there.” “After all, you can’t just cut cold turkey everything you love,” Terri laughs. “I can’t give up a glass of wine. You don’t want to know me—I mean—it is not pretty if I am not having that social cocktail once in a while.”

On the other hand, OurSkinny can inspire new, healthy cravings (“I love the Aloha Mango,” Terri says. “I like to blend fruit in with the shake.”) and customers often find that truly disastrous choices seem... unappealing. “The thought of having pizza makes me sick now, because I know how I am going to feel afterward. SLUGGISH.”

Terri has always been fairly active. Though she’s not much of a runner, she has a bike, a new membership at the YMCA, and has been kayaking for two or three years. The issue for Terri, more so than health or fitness, was confidence. She wanted to be able to wear clothes that fit her better. After all, it’s one thing to entertain kids of all ages as “Gnate the Gnat,” the lovable mascot of the Savannah Sand Gnats baseball team. It’s another thing entirely to feel good about the way you look, to be confident in public, and to be able to choose clothes that aren’t just “covering up.”

“It was tough, because I as I have gotten older, Gnate has gotten smaller.” (Not to mention that summers in Savannah are hot.) “I am carrying a lot of weight with him, and the heat is extremely draining, so it’s nice to have a little more energy. I last a little longer during the games.”

Once Terri began seeing weight loss results, she was able to dig around in her closet and find a bin of smaller clothes that had been waiting on her. “I was able to try some old clothes on, and they are fitting again." "I got rid of all the big stuff. ‘Out of my house!’”

These days, Terri is living the plan and living the life she wants to live. “I am probably going to buy some new clothes when the weight on the scale matches the weight on my driver’s license,” she says. “It’s been probably 10 years or longer. I haven’t seen those digits in a long time.”

As for those who are thinking about giving OurSkinny a try she says, “Just stick with it. When you start seeing changes, that is going to be a huge motivator.”

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