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“Even when I was overweight, I was excelling at work... I thought I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, but I wasn’t thinking about myself.” Lynette Cadle works in engineering at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, Georgia, and for many years, she thought she was involved in life. Lynette did everything that was expected of her at work and was promoted. She made a life for her family at home and raised two children. Over a ten-year period, however, she lost sight of herself. “I wasn’t paying attention and I fell into this trap,” she recalls. “I told myself that it was okay to be big, and until my blood results started turning out bad, it was okay.” Following a frightening trip to her doctor, Lynette decided to make a change. After being told that she was borderline diabetic, that her cholesterol was through the roof and she had high-blood pressure, she lost 78 pounds on the OurSkinny Weight Loss Program, and took control of her health. "Now, I have got my life back."

At 259 pounds, Lynette knew she was not healthy. She didn’t feel well either. “I sit at a computer all day long, sixty hours a week. I was always feeling bad, and my weekends consisted of recuperating.” Lynette’s doctor had been recommending weight loss for years.

When a routine checkup revealed that Lynette was borderline diabetic, he said, “I can write a few prescriptions and you will be on medicine for the rest of your life, or you can try to lose the weight.” “I didn’t know anyone with diabetes, and just the word freaked me out,” Lynette recalls.

She met with one of OurSkinny’s Nurse Practitioners soon after. One year later, she is beaming, “I just had my physical again and my doctor told me that I actually have the health of a 35 year old now. I am a little bit older than 35.”

“I mean, mission accomplished! "I did what I was supposed to do. I brought down my medical numbers and it was very satisfying for both my doctor and me.”

Lynette hadn’t tried losing weight on many occasions before: “I had tried everything under the sun, every fad diet, Weight Watchers, every diet that anybody could come up with I have tried. It wasn’t until I tried OurSkinny that I actually got results.”

She is quite clear about why OurSkinny worked so well for her: “It was easy. It was just the easiest thing I have ever done, actually. I wish I had done this ten years ago, but I didn’t so I’ll just take it now.” “It fills you up, that’s the main thing,” she says. “The first week was tough. The second week was better. By the third week, I got in a groove with it. I never measured anything. Never stopped the coffee.”

Because of her busy schedule, Lynette preferred to drink a shake in the morning before work, but saved her mid-morning shake to eat with her bar at lunch. After a shake in the afternoon, followed by a well-balanced meal at home, she got to the point where she didn’t even need the fourth shake at night anymore. “It’s just been a great experience for me. It’s changed my life.”

"Now, I have got my life back."

Lynette has been in maintenance for just over a year now. She’s eating more on the weekends and at night, but continues to enjoy OurSkinny Mini Meals during the daytime hours of a long work week. “I have started enjoying life,” she says. Lynette began taking vacations with her husband. She ran and finished a half-marathon back in November, which was a very emotional experience for her. “Now on the weekends I am not so exhausted. I get out and do, go see friends, and just have a life now where I didn’t before.”

She attributes her success, in large part, to the support of her loving family. She gets emotional now when she looks back on the experience, “If I had a choice between cooking dinner or going to the gym, they’d say, ‘Don’t worry about dinner, Mom, no, you go to the gym.’”

Like so many Americans, Lynette is busy, and it is hard to make healthy choices when you are working sixty hours a week (and with a family to care for). It can be even more difficult when knowing that we are raised to make choices of a not-so-healthy sort. “For my family growing up,” Lynette confesses, “Exercise and healthy eating wasn’t part of our culture. It was fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. Before I lost the weight, I was eating a lot of fast foods. I’d go grab KFC for lunch, then feel horrible, and I didn’t know why.”

At work, Lynette found that the opportunities were similarly limited, “Where I work, it’s like Disney World. It’s huge, and you really have to walk quite a long ways to get the nutritional meals. I have a meeting at eleven. I have a meeting at one. There is no time. It was just easier to go to the vending machine and grab the donuts and the chips.”

OurSkinny is designed to make it easy to make healthy choices, and it worked for Lynette, “Everybody can tell you, you go into a meeting and I usually have my shake right there. As a matter of fact, several people have started the diet because of me.” “It’s been life changing and it’s changed the lives around me.” “I’ll be walking in from the parking lot and people will stop and roll down the window and say, ‘You look so good!’ and it does feel good to hear it.”

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