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“Being healthy is now my lifestyle… and I want to be healthy when I start a family.”

“I still enjoy OurSkinny Mini Meals 2-3 times a day. I watch what I eat, especially carbs, and mostly focus on a high-protein diet.” Lorraine Gallagher (nee Edwards) is a 29-year old Human Resources Professional. She has been happily married for nine months now and focused on being healthy, having energy, and looking and feeling great. A year ago, she was busy planning her July 2013 wedding. She had told herself that she absolutely would not get married at 170 pounds, wearing a size 12/14 dress and hiding behind over-sized t-shirts on her honeymoon. She knew she would have to look at her wedding pictures for the rest of her life, and she wanted to be able to look back without any regrets. She told herself, “I will wear a bikini on my honeymoon,” and sure enough: Lorraine lost 25 pounds on OurSkinny and one year later she is wearing a size 6/8.

Lorraine had tried to pay more attention to her weight and to her health, but that can be difficult when you are on the go. Since receiving her Master’s in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from The School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and since beginning a career in human resources, she has been extremely busy. When she got engaged in March of 2012, she found new resolve.

Lorraine weighed 168 pounds when she started on OurSkinny. Looking back upon her success – she lost 25 pounds, dropped six dress sizes, and completely changed her lifestyle – she is enthusiastic about the program: “OurSkinny is EASY. I know that if I slip up one day, I can very easily get right back on the program the next. "OurSkinny gives me energy and keeps me full and satisfied.”

Lorraine reports that she was not always as happy as she is now. “I always ate my stress, worries, and emotions,” she says, “and I have always been overweight.” “I got made fun of in middle school, completely turned my weight around in high school, but then gained it all back (and then some) in college.”

Lorraine’s mother has battled her weight as well and has been pre-diabetic for many years. “I didn’t want that,” Lorraine says. “I want to be in control of my health and to be able to enjoy the foods I love when I want, in moderation of course. I can’t stand to think about losing that freedom.”

Lorraine is always on-the-go, and rarely has time to make a meal or sit down to eat. “The OurSkinny shakes are pre-made in bottles and all I need to do is put water in and shake – which only takes 2 minutes! I can have a meal while getting ready for work in the morning or snack while driving around running errands.”

“I always keep a protein bar and shake in my purse so I don’t feel the need to grab that pretzel at Auntie Anne’s or that delicious cinnamon roll at Cinnabon,” she tells us. Because the hard part? The hard part was giving up carbs… “I love breads, pastas and pastries and being on the OurSkinny program, I realized that the majority of that had to go. The first three or four days without carbs were easy, but after that I really wanted to have that piece of cake ten times over. Fortunately, it only takes two weeks to make a habit, so I had to constantly remind myself of that."

Ultimately, the most important thing was learning that all the delicious foods she once enjoyed were a big factor in her weight gain. “When my fiance or friends are enjoying the greasy taste of fast food or all of the unnecessary calories of cheescake, I just kept reminding myself A) of the biggest day of my life: my wedding, and B) I would be able enjoy the foods I love, but on a limited basis, knowing that I can have more another time.”

Lorraine is a much happier person these days. Just one year ago when she was planning her wedding, she said, “I LOVE that my clothes are starting to be too big, and sometimes I still wear them to remind myself of how far I have already come. Oh… and I can fit in a dress I bought three years ago that was two sizes too small.”

Just twenty-five pounds made all the difference, and she continues to maintain healthy habits to this day: “I still enjoy OurSkinny Mini Meals 2-3 times a day. I watch what I eat, especially carbs, and mostly focus on a high-protein diet.” “I cross train two days a week and run three or four days a week. I love running now and participate in as many 5k’s as possible.” Lorraine tells us that she will begin training for her first half-marathon (the 2014 Savannah Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon) in a couple months.

“I am still in the process of losing weight to achieve my goal of 130 pounds, as I want to make sure it is achieved in the healthiest way possible and that I don’t relapse, gaining all of my weight back,” Lorraine says. “Being healthy is now my lifestyle… and I want to be healthy when I start a family.”

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