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I tell people, "You are going to feel the need to cheat at first… but you’ve got to get through it, because the rewards will be there. This diet won't fail you. The weight loss will happen, there's just no doubt, and I think the support aspect mechanism that OurSkinny provides is part of the reason why."

George's doctor recommended OurSkinny, and he lost 55 pounds in just five months, thanks also to the loving support of his wife, who lost 30 pounds herself. George Taylor got some bad news back in January when he went in for his annual checkup. His blood glucose was high and he weighed in at 306 pounds. A father himself, George was very conscious of his family's medical history. As a boy, George was present when his father died at 57 as the result of a stroke. His mother passed away at age 64 from complications of diabetes, so the news that he was pre-diabetic was alarming.

"If I had not done it immediately, I might not have done it at all," George confesses. "The whole team at OurSkinny, they really rocked my world. "My doctor is going to take me off my cholesterol medicine," he says proudly. "The blood pressure medicine: I will be coming off of that as well."

"I haven't been at this weight in probably 25 years," George says. "I had yo-yo'ed. I had done the Nutritsystem thing, and that was boring. Excessive. Time-consuming. I still had Nutrisystem food. I had a closet full of Nutrisystem food when I started this program. We threw it away, because the OurSkinny program is simple and the shakes and bars are unbelievable."

George is the Location General Manager at CarMax in Savannah, and it can be hard to make healthy choices when you are constantly on-the-go. "I was a guy who would eat a Snickers two times a day," he says. "We have vending machines at work. But OurSkinny's Caramel Nut bar... I just cannot speak enough about that. I love it." "The interesting thing is that I just don’t crave the sort of junk I was eating before."

As his job responsibilities increased, George found himself bound to a desk, focused on administrative functions such as auditing, bookkeeping, compliance, and reporting. And with longer hours he found it harder to be active. A vicious cycle, indeed. "You know, prior, when I had that excessive weight, my knees we were killing me. I have got to tell you that since I have been on the OurSkinny program it has been incredible. A manager on the floor drives engagement, whereas before my knees were hurting and just getting ready in the morning time I would break out in a sweat. I knew I wasn't healthy but kept saying… "'You know what… I will start a new diet on Monday…' "(Oh my lord, every week.)"

Dinnertime is much different in the Taylor household these days, and it's not just because the couple is making better, healthier choices. They motivate and support one another, of course, but there is also a sense of accountability provided by their new friends at OurSkinny. "I tell people, 'You are going to feel the need to cheat at first… but you’ve got to get through it, because the rewards will be there. This diet won't fail you. The weight loss will happen, there's just no doubt, and I think the support aspect mechanism that OurSkinny provides is part of the reason why."

George had plenty of motivation. The Taylor's son is 13 years old now, and he had never seen his father looking fit. "My little boy has only known me with a gut," George says, "so it was a shock to him. He calls me big daddy, and people call me big George, and that's how everyone knows me. It was a shock at first, but I think he's starting to like it." "As an adult and a parent, having a boy that you love more than life, you have to be a role model. You can't do it if you are a hypocrite, and that's been a driving force."

SUCCESS BUILDS CONFIDENCE "Honestly, I couldn't remember when was the last time I really went to the pool or beach and took my shirt off," George says. "My child would want me to get out in the water with him at the beach, and I regret not doing that because it was more about me and not him. That breaks my heart." We spoke with George and Alisa together, and when we asked about the rewards that come with weight loss, he teased her a little bit: "The reward piece is... there's two rewards. I may eat an extra bar and I am going to wear a thong at the beach this year." "No you're not!" Alisa says. "That's my reward," he says, but then relents: "Okay, maybe not, but if you lack confidence, losing weight can really help you with that." More than just impressed with one another, these days the couple is infatuated. "We have been married twenty-six years, and I have got to tell you that it's been interesting, because it reignites some of that spark. Here's the bottom line, if you want to sell OurSkinny to guys over 40, tell them lose weight and your testosterone goes through the dog-gone roof. The energy level has been intense. " "It's important to relationships, but, anyway, the diet has helped with that too." COACHING AND ACCOUNTABILITY Every OurSkinny order comes with free phone and email support, and we treat every online customer with the same care we offer our walk-in customers. George makes it clear that the coaching made all the difference. "We are lucky because we live in Savannah, but the OurSkinny coaches are just a phone call away. I was shocked at how accessible they were if you had questions or needed anything. If you are having a problem or need to talk about it… call. You have to answer to somebody, and they will challenge you." "That's the great thing about this program. Like anything else there has to be a network. People have social networks, people have networks of friends, people have professional networks... people who are plugged in to what you are doing. OurSkinny really helped provide that for us. It was almost like I didn't want to disappoint them!" OurSkinny's Wellness Coaches can help adjust the program to suit any lifestyle and for those with allergies and special dietary needs. That goes without saying. They can also help customers stay motivated through the tough times. George did struggle briefly, but working together with OurSkinny's Brandy Wall he quickly got back on track. "She had to get on me a bit. I get so busy I forget to eat, and that's a good thing, because I used to keep snacks in the desk drawer - gummy bears and junk like that - but forgetting to eat just kills your metabolism." YOU CAN'T SELL A SALESMAN "My biggest thing," George says, "The first day I told Brandy, 'I am a salesman, so don't try to sell me something.' She took her time and was able to show me the potential benefits, and I am grateful for that." Losing just 10% of your body weight can have an incredible impact on your health, which means fewer visits to the doctor. It's not just George. Many, many OurSkinny customers have been able to reduce or even eliminate cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes medications. There are other benefits as well: "People say, 'I can't believe you are paying for this and that,' but if you truly look at the savings and weigh the benefits, you might be surprised. I am not buying the sweet teas. I am not buying the junk. I am not buying $16 steaks, not going out to eat like we did (because we would go out to eat every night and have Chinese food or stop at the McDonald's)." "You have to look at the bigger benefits, too. You have more energy and are more productive at work. At my company, we really preach wellness. We provide pedometers and water bottles to the associates. It's cool to be fit, because a healthy lifestyle equates to lower insurance premiums, higher productivity, and a team that's healthy and engaged." "It's been very rewarding."

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