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Connie has been a nurse for almost 40 years now, and she will tell it to you straight. After losing 70 pounds on OurSkinny, she is a different person. Connie Frazier is 61 now, and she started the OurSkinny program a year ago, the day after Labor Day. Her sixtieth birthday was in November, and she knew she had to make a change for her health and for her future. “I was very overweight,” she confesses. “I had pain in my joints and my back ached and all that. I knew that I wanted to get healthy to where I can enjoy my retirement.” She will tell you in no uncertain terms that she has more energy and stamina, "For damn sure, yeah!" and Connie is not the only one enjoying the results. “My husband and I we’ve been married for 29 years and he’s got a new lady at home,” she laughs. “We have really had fun with it. We have laughed and carried on and just had a good time, and I know he’s proud of me and that makes me feel good.”

Connie had tried other programs. “To be honest with you,” she says, “before I started OurSkinny, in five years I had lost 15 pounds, so if you include that I have really lost about 85 or 90.” She tried counting calories and she tried Weight Watchers and she has tried the frozen dinners by Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. “Throughout the years I would lose a few and then I’d gain that back plus a few…”

“OurSkinny has been the easiest. I know that’s what they say, but it’s true,” Connie insists. “It’s so convenient. You just do a shake at lunch and throughout the day every few hours. And I love my bar. That’s what’s been my saving grace.” “My problem has always been a big sweet tooth. I love the Caramel Nut, but I like them all,” she says of OurSkinny’s protein bars. “I really do.”

When it came to her main meal, Connie found an incredible source of support: “My husband, he didn’t ever say anything about my figure or anything, and I have been lucky because he’s been very supportive. He’s our cook at home so it’s been a big challenge for him. "I told him, ‘You can eat whatever you want to eat and it’s not going to bother me,’ and for some reason all of a sudden it didn’t.”

Connie found out about OurSkinny through a friend at work, who let her sample a variety of Mini Meals. It was that same co-worker who provided the ongoing support so necessary for success. Connie jumped in with both feet. “I thought, if I am going to do this I am going to order the whole month and make that commitment. "I work hard for my money, which most people do nowadays, and for me it was making that financial commitment helped me to stay focused at the outset.”

Despite living in Savannah, Georgia, Connie was an online customer up until very recently. She had tried the shakes and bars before she committed herself to the program (you can too). OurSkinny offers a free consultation with every online order. This allows you and your Wellness Coach to customize the program to suit your lifestyle and to address any special dietary needs. As it turns out, Connie has only just started taking advantage of this opportunity as she seeks to maintain her new, healthy weight. “I am kind of doing it backwards I guess,” she laughs. “If I had any problems I would have for sure called, you know, or emailed to discuss it, but luckily it’s been an easy thing for me. A good thing. And now I just depend on them to keep me motivated.”

SKINNY FOR LIFE Connie didn’t need any extra motivation back when she was losing the weight. As she says, “The weight loss its own reward.” “I read the blog and set the little goals. I was just so excited about it coming off, and trying on smaller clothes (I mean the size). I was a 2+ and now I am a 10 or 12. When I got down to a 16, I was like OH MY GOD, I am into a 16! That was just so wonderful.” Today, Connie has a message for anyone considering the OurSkinny program: “I say go for it. Especially for the younger girls, fellas too, I say try to get it off… because the older you are the harder it gets.” “It does sneak up on you,” she says. “It does. It really does. You don’t realize how you looked until you have lost the weight and you look back. I had no idea I looked like that. I look back now, I’m like EGADS!”

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