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“I used to get migraines two or three times a month, and now I might have two or three a year. My skin… my hair… and sleeping better … oh my gosh.. I actually feel rested… it’s been amazing.”

Cindy has been maintaining her weight for almost two years now thanks to the 411+ and with a little help from the OurSkinny Team. When Cindy Burnsed took her kids to Disney World she had trouble getting into her seat on the Space Orbiter. She remembers it as a defining moment: “You’re out there and there’s twenty bajillion people in line and you’ve got to hurry up and get on. When I could barely slide into the seat, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we aren’t going to be able to come back to Disney World. "I was like, ‘I have grey hair and adult acne, I am overweight, I can’t fit in the space orbiter… and I am only 35!” Cindy is a School Counselor, and fortunately for her, one of her colleagues had tried OurSkinny. “My friend Diane started OurSkinny at the end of the school year, and when she came back in August and I saw her I said, ‘WOW.’”

Cindy thought, “I am going to do this. Now’s the time, because I have heard that it doesn’t get any easier.” Cindy bought a month’s worth of OurSkinny Mini Meals and started on the program, nevermind the fact that she was headed to St. John with girlfriends. “I still lost six pounds that first week,” she says. “This was in November, right before Thanksgiving, but after that first week I was like, ‘Okay, I can do this…’"

Cindy’s doctors had suggested cholesterol medications, but she never had to take them. Another interesting result of having lost weight: she doesn’t get migraine headaches as often! “I would lose whole days. Truly, during the summer, my kids would be locked in the house with me in the bed, and now I don’t have that. Now it’s just not that way."

Cindy started OurSkinny immediately that November and by the time school was out in June she had lost 50 pounds. She has been maintaining her weight with help from OurSkinny ever since. “After losing the weight I am back to normal,” she says. “I used to get migraines two or three times a month, and now I might have two or three a year. My skin… my hair… and sleeping better … oh my gosh.. I actually feel rested… it’s been amazing.”

Cindy’s an educator and, in general, educators like to play by the rules, which is not to say that they don’t know how to break them. She doesn’t spend much time in the school cafeteria anymore, and points out that OurSkinny worked so well for her because it is a well-structured plan. “I am the kind of person, if you give me a plan and I am going to do exactly what you say. “I liked that I knew I had four shakes and one bar and I could have my meal at any time, if I wanted to do – yay! – breakfast with the girls then I could, or if we went to the Cheesecake Factory I could do lettuce wraps whatever for lunch.”

“And if I wanted that yummy pineapple casserole (Diane, actually, who helped me lose the weight is the one who introduced me to that! Oh, my gosh, it’s just basically pineapple, sugar, cheese, Ritz crackers) I would just eat less… or have one spoonful.” Cindy weighed weekly, on Mondays, first thing in the morning, but more importantly, she could feel the difference. “These days I can feel it – in my clothes and in my body -when I am not eating like I should.”

Like so many of us, she loves carbs – sweets and bread and pasta – but losing weight has helped her balance those cravings with the rewards that come from looking and feeling better. “I cut out carbs and bread, although I love that stuff. I realized I just didn’t feel good afterward,” she says. “Now that I am maintaining, I am pretty relaxed about it. I don’t struggle. If I have a bad week, I am just a little bit more aware the next week. Though it is hard at school…”

“Every day is someone’s birthday, so you have kids come up to you with their little cupcake, ‘It’s my birthday!’ On teacher appreciation day it’s 580 kids, ‘You don’t want a donut?’” Forget the donuts, the sweet tea, and the pineapple casserole, Cindy bought herself a bunch of new clothes, and that has helped keep her motivated. “I spent time and money buying a new wardrobe,” she tells us, “and I don’t have the in-between clothes anymore.”

“Plus, I am just that way. If I am going to do something and if I am going to pay for it, I am going to follow the program or else I am cheating myself. If I am going to go indulge in sweet tea and go complain that I haven’t lost any weight … well…”

Cindy is mother to two growing boys, and for the most part, they eat what she eats, and she maintains her weight by making healthy choices (and with a little help from OurSkinny.) “The boys might have a little extra at dinner, or maybe rice or potatoes, and I will have my yummy salad with raspberries and goat cheese. So good. I love it. Grilled steak and asparagus… grilled salmon and broccoli … those are the staples.”

OurSkinny Mini Meals have a job to do, of course, and Cindy is a devotee of both the Cappuccino and Chocolate shakes. “I usually do two shakes and a bar,” she says, “Just because it is easy at work. I need something in the morning, so the shakes are going to continue no matter what.”

Otherwise, life in the Burnsed home is a whole lot more fun than it used to be. No headaches. No worries. “We are on the water and outdoors a lot, constantly on the boat or crabbing or on the dock, and I feel a lot more comfortable. I am just out and about. It’s not like I am running on the treadmill 30 minutes a day.” “There was never a certain number I was going for,” she says. “I just wanted to lose weight. I don’t know that I ever thought that I would be less than 150 ever in my life, because I was always bigger… or thought I was. Now when I look back, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’”

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