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About OurSkinny - "The Easiest Diet Ever"

Ourlife Health was founded in 2006 by Dr. Paul S. Bradley and a group of 60 area physicians in Savannah, Georgia. Our corporate wellness, weight loss, and weight management programs adhere to the same clinical guidelines that govern a doctor’s decision making.

In 2008, after years of encouraging patients to lose weight (and struggling with his own), Dr. Bradley had a revelation. He decided to stop fighting the fast food urge in order to create a trusted weight loss system that addressed those same cravings quickly, inexpensively, and without sacrificing quality of life.

Our customers tell us that OurSkinny is “The Easiest Diet Ever.” We hear it daily in testimonials from people who lost that stubborn 10 pounds they couldn’t lose any other way, and we have seen incredible health results in men and women who have lost 30, 50, and well over 100 pounds thanks to OurSkinny.

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