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Wife, Mother, Aerospace Engineer

Between working ten hours a day at a new job, caring for her family, and exploring her new hometown, Billi put on some weight that she just couldn't shake. Two years ago, Billi Weber moved from Wichita, Kansas with her family in order to take a job as a Certification Engineer for Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is known for down-home, Southern cooking, and as a family, the Webers found that they really enjoyed the lifestyle. Maybe just a little too much: it was hard to resist making some "not-so-healthy" choices. Fortunately, some simple lifestyle changes helped Billi get back on track, and, as a result, her kids are eating better too. She laughs, "Their favorite vegetable is broccoli. I mean, how many 4 and 8 year olds say that?"




Billi knew that she needed a jumpstart to get back into a healthier lifestyle. That's when a co-worker told her about the OurSkinny Weight Loss Program. As Billi puts it, "All you had to do was look at her to see the results." "After a few months in Savannah, my clothes were too tight, but I didn't want to go buying a whole new wardrobe. I was working four, ten-hour days a week, and was less and less active, and I needed to lose about 15 pounds."

With the OurSkinny Program, you have four shakes and a bar, and then a healthy meal once a day, and that seemed manageable, even with work, kids, and a busy lifestyle. "I liked the ease of the shakes," Billi says, "They're portable, and all you need is water. No need to refrigerate. I also like the way they taste, and that makes all the difference.'" “Only having to worry about one meal a day to start with was great.”

"I start work at 6 AM, and so I would have a shake as soon as I got to the office. Meetings don't stop just because it is lunchtime, but these days I just go to the water fountain, fill up and drink a shake, and then I'm not thinking about food the whole time. I can actually focus on my work."


For Billi, of course, the most important thing is to be able to sit down with her family in the evening. Starting out on OurSkinny, she found it comforting to know that she could continue to enjoy that special time with them. "Because of my busy schedule, I am always looking for what's convenient. What can I do that's fast? We had been eating a lot of fried foods, as you might imagine, and running to fast food restaurants to pick up something quick is always easy."

Of course, Billi has now realized that there are better choices even at those places. "I am lucky, because my boys will eat anything. My husband is a little more stubborn, but he doesn't drink soda anymore, because I quit buying it. It really is about ease of access a lot of the time.

That's not to say that her kids don't have kid-cravings. "I'll often give them what they want, and do something easy for myself," Billy laughs. Her go-to recommendation is the pre-grilled chicken available at the grocery store. She puts it on top of a bag of salad and tops it off with a low-fat dressing of choice.


The truth of it is that Billi didn't have far to go to reach her goal, but sometimes those last ten to twenty pounds can be the hardest to lose. "I wanted to lose 15 pounds. I started in October, and by January I had met my goal and actually wound up losing 22 pounds in all." Two years later she has kept it all off, paying more attention to what she eats, and she reports that she has more energy now.

"I realize now that having to carry around the extra weight, I just felt more tired. I would come home exhausted after being at work for 11 hours. Now, I am healthier and more active. I bike with my kids on the weekends. We take walks in the evening. I have some Pilates videos, and I never would have thought I could, but now I exercise after the kids go to sleep."

Billi is just as busy as ever, of course, and on days when she has a lot of meetings back-to-back, she still has an OurSkinny shake or two during the day, saving her bar for an afternoon treat. "My favorite bar is the Lemon Meringue, which reminds me of my favorite dessert, lemon cake. So who says you cant have it all?"


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