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"OurSkinny Is Different"

Valerie Dixon had been heavy all her life. Her late mother used to help her try and lose weight, and thereafter she tried any number of diet programs and weight loss plans, searching for something that she enjoyed. Over the years, she has become a very good dieter. “I can always go and diet and lose weight. Before, I would lose 60 pounds and then gain it all back. This is the longest I have ever been on any one program.” In just 8 months, she lost 78 pounds on OurSkinny. (She's been maintaining since we spoke and has lost 82 pounds to date.) “OurSkinny really is the world’s easiest diet—easy to stick to—and the weight came off more evenly. A lot of times you lose weight first in your face or whatever, but I felt like it was coming off in proportion.”




“When I was a teenager, my poor mother, who didn’t need to diet, would diet right along with me. "We would be eating cottage cheese and peaches,” she recalls. “The first real diet I remember was the Atkins, and I lost 60 pounds in six or seven months or something like that, but how long can you go just eating meat and cheese?”

The weight never slowed Valerie down. She always had plenty of energy, and whenever it was time for a check-up or health screening, her numbers would be perfect.

“I have always been a fast-paced person and one of the things I just love so much about OurSkinny is that there’s no loss of energy. A lot of diets, you spend time trying to get used to it, but I have never felt weak—which I have on other diets—weak and woozy. “I feel like I have more energy than I have ever had.”

Valerie started losing weight with OurSkinny almost a year ago, and she says that it wasn’t long before people started noticing, “’Hey, what are you doing? You are looking good!’” This was right around Mother’s Day of 2015, and, for the first time in her life, her blood pressure was creeping up a little bit. She had it back down to within a healthy range within the month.

“I have always felt like I was fat and fit,” she says. “Whenever they would do the insurance work—you know, the biometric screenings they do before they can insure you—all my numbers would be perfect. But then they would talk about your weight, and what the insurance charts say is unrealistic.” “I just laughed at them and said, ‘Well, that’s not going to happen!’ Everyone’s body type is not the same, and the insurance charts just don’t acknowledge that. ”

With that said, she will admit that it was getting harder and harder to lose weight, and the spike in her blood pressure was concerning. “The older I have gotten—when I had gone off the diet—every time I would gain back a little bit more… and a little bit more… and a little bit more.” “OurSkinny was different.” "It is just really easy to get back on this program,” Valerie says.

We know there are other diets out there—fads come and they go—but for anyone who has tried OurSkinny, none can match it for ease and flexibility. Valerie’s “to-dos” for anyone interested in the program are straight forward.

“The thing to do,” she says, “is make up your mind that you want to do it and then plan. With OurSkinny it’s not that hard to plan because everything you need to do is laid out for you. Just decide whether you are going to have your main meal at lunch or dinner.”

“The next thing is lining up some support. I told my family and a couple of girls in the office that I am close to and that I hang out with a lot. One of the things I love about OurSkinny is that you don’t have to go to meetings but there is plenty of support—support if you need it, but no pressure if you don’t.”

Valerie chose the times she would celebrate (“Not with food or anything...”) She also took a break from dieting for major holidays—for the Fourth of July and at Thanksgiving and Christmas—but, like she says, it was always easy to get right back on the program.

“I felt great and wasn’t ever hungry. I mean, I actually had to work at eating every two hours or three hours and that was plenty of food. It kept you satisfied… which is amazing, because I long ago realized that I am a foodaholic.” Valerie has decided upon a goal weight, and she is almost there: “I wanted to weigh what it says on my drivers’ license,” she says. “I feel I will get there.” “Regardless, I know now that I can’t just go back to my old ways,” Valerie says. “OurSkinny is just so easy—couple shakes, maybe a bar, and a couple meals—that once I reach my goal I am actually looking forward to the maintenance part.”

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