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Time to Start Running Again

Alisa and George Taylor are having a lot of fun together these days. More than just in love, these days the couple is infatuated. George lost over fifty pounds with OurSkinny, and Alisa has slimmed down enough that she is running again, winning 5Ks, and feeling fantastic. Alisa started in February of 2014 after George began having such incredible success. Her weight had been creeping up. She had some issues with her blood pressure. She wasn’t running as much as she’d used to and, as a result, just couldn’t seem get the weight off. She had tried everything else and, of course, George was doing so well and enjoying life again.



“I had done the Nutrisystem thing,” George told us back in May. “That was boring. Excessive. Time consuming. OurSkinny is probably the easiest thing I have tried—and I am a busy guy—but I will just grab a shake, drink it, and I am not hungry.” “He would say, ‘Taste this, taste this!’” Alisa recalls, “and I was like, gosh, this is pretty good!” Eventually, George convinced her to sit down with one of OurSkinny’s team of expert weight loss coaches. Today, she is maintaining her weight at 133 pounds, down from 168.

Finding a source of accountability is one of the most important predictors of weight loss success. Some people are more goal-oriented than others, and Alisa’s primary motivation was to get to where she could enjoy running again, but we all need someone to push us once in a while. That’s where OurSkinny’s coaches can help. “I spoke with Brandy,” Alisa tells us. “We talked, and it’s been very, very, very, very easy. I think, too, because the shakes are so good—and the bars! I don’t have cravings. I get that sweet fix and then I can still have real food.” OurSkinny offers free, unlimited weight loss coaching by phone, email, and now at the new via live chat. As Alisa says, “I didn’t want to disappoint myself, of course, and the weekly check-ins made sure of that, because I didn’t want to disappoint her either! (I think, doing this as a couple, too, we tell on each other.)”

Even on The Easiest Diet Ever™ there are bound to be some ups and downs. Our busy lives distract us. Temptation abounds. Change is always difficult. And for all these reasons, good coaching is a key factor when it comes to weight loss success. “At first, yeah, it was hard,” Alisa says. “It’s change. Your body is used to eating certain things. We used to go out to eat almost every night, have Chinese food or stop at the McDonald’s.”

All that has changed for Alisa and George. When tempted, the couple stayed on track by talking to their coaches, asking questions, weighing-in each week, and just sticking to it—even when the weight loss stalled. Because at some point, everyone hits a wall when trying to lose weight. It is called a “plateau” and it often indicates that you needs more, not fewer calories, but everybody is different. That’s why OurSkinny makes its professionals freely available…

“I had times where I would get frustrated and wonder WHY isn’t this coming off?” Alisa recalls. “I just kept with the diet, praying that Brandy knew what she was talking about, and sure enough! All of a sudden it kicked in!”


“I used to run a lot,” Alisa said. “Then I stopped running and I couldn’t get the weight off. I tried everything, all the diets that are out there.” OurSkinny Mini Meals can be a great source of energizing protein for those who are active. Now that Alisa is running again, she will usually have a shake or a bar an hour or so before she runs. It took a few months to get to where she is now though: “Getting started again was hard, because I wasn’t used to it, and plus being lazy. George would come home—this was when we were just walking—and we have this loop where we live and we couldn’t finish half a mile. I would just be dying.” “That’s why I am so gung-ho about OurSkinny, because I think it helped me feel more energetic so that I could get started again.”

The Taylors started walking in May. In July, Alisa was again able to run 3 miles without stopping. She ran her first 5K in August, and if today you ask her “How many have you won?” she’ll say, “All of them for my age group.”

The Taylors found out something interesting while on the OurSkinny program: “Some people look at the cost and think they won’t be able to afford it,” Alisa says, “but for us, we were saving.” “You have to look at what you’re spending at the grocery store on junk and going out to dinner and compare. Take-out and everything else… beer…”

George agrees, “It was interesting, because people say I can’t believe you are paying for this and that, but you need to really, truly look at the cost savings. I am not buying the sweet teas. I am not buying the junk, and we just don't eat like that anymore.”

OurSkinny is about developing healthy habits, and the Taylors are not interested in the way things were. “I don’t want anything fried,” Alisa says. “I don’t want cheeseburgers. I don’t want French fries. Now I look for something healthy, because that’s what I want.” “I don’t want to say I never cheat, but I don’t like to do it now, because I don’t like the feeling after." As for the savings, those went toward buying new clothes. “I was a 12 to 14,” Alisa says proudly. “Now I am a 4. The old clothes are gone. I donated them to Pay It Forward.”

Alisa has found her weight loss easy to maintain thanks to OurSkinny. “These days, I can cheat and not feel bad because I know I am going to run it off. The thing is, now, I can tell when I haven’t been eating like I should and then I just get back on the program.”

Alisa is no longer taking medications for high blood pressure. She looks great, feels confident again, and people have noticed. “When friends ask and I tell them about OurSkinny—because I really get excited about how amazing it has been—they think that I am trying to set up a party. I have to tell them, no, I am not selling anything, I just want you to know about this!”

She looks back at pictures and it is hard to believe where she was just a year ago. “I can’t believe I got that big,” she says. “Even my son he’s looking at a picture, just August of last year – he goes, ‘You were fat.’” The Taylor’s teenage son had never seen his father skinny and it did take some getting used to, but today the whole family trains together. “He is definitely the biggest motivation,” Alisa says proudly. “Absolutely.”


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