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I Feel Like I Am Unstoppable

Tabitha Thomas is used to taking care of people.

She works at a busy hospital, and she’s sometimes on her feet for 12 hours straight, seeing to her patients’ needs.  “Healthcare at its finest,” she laughs. “Anything you may need and can’t get, that’s my job.” Tabitha is also a busy mother of six, with children ranging from 11 to 23. As she puts it, “Between work and taking care of my kids, by the time it was time for me… it was really time for me.” It was “time” two years ago.
“Nobody told me I was fat,” Tabitha says. “No one ever said you are putting on weight. No one would say it to my face.” Instead, Tabitha had to learn it from her doctors. On the same day her doctor told her she would need a partial hysterectomy, Tabitha also learned that she had diabetes. From that moment forward, her health spiraled out of control. She gained weight. In a workplace incident, she shattered her kneecap. 



Diabetes is hereditary of course, and both of Tabitha’s parents suffer from the disease. Her father lost his eyesight because of it. But it was her son who inspired her to make a change. “My son went into the marine corps. He was at boot camp, and I thought, if he could go through that, I should be able to get my A1C under control.” A friend of hers recommended OurSkinny, and so Tabitha made an appointment with one of our Wellness Coaches. “I made an appointment to see Jackie and never missed a meeting after that. We stayed in constant contact. After that first meeting, everything came in steps.” Over the past year, Tabitha lost 64 pounds, and she is thrilled. Her doctor has taken her off two medications. “If my girlfriend hadn’t gotten me started, I probably would have felt like I was being selfish,” she confesses. “Now, though, I am finally taking care of myself so that I can be there for all of the people who need me.”

“I tried a few other programs,” Tabitha says. “I tried Weight Watchers. I lost some weight on Nutrisystem, but it came right back. My love for food never went away, and I wasn’t learning anything on those programs.” Her husband, Poppy, is a true gourmet, serving up Southern specialties for their family. “He makes a whole meal—collard greens, hamhock, neckbones, cornbread—so when you sit down to eat, it was a lot,” Tabitha says. “Now, though, I have learned to eat until I am full and then stop.” Of course, he has changed the way he cooks in order to help Tabitha stick to the OurSkinny program. “Poppy has been great,” she says. “And it has been fun…. I know what to eat and how much to eat.” “I get two varieties of the shakes—Summer Fridays and Lemon Raspberry—and I challenge myself to drink enough water, eat my one meal, and do healthy snacks in between. When I have cravings, I crave pistachios, cucumbers, healthy snacks. So many things I learned to enjoy while I was on the diet!”

From the Blog: Tabitha's Top 5 Tips


Your Numbers Count

As Dr. Paul Bradley has said, it is important to know your numbers—health indicators like BMI, blood pressure, A1C, and cholesterol levels. ‘“I am working to keep my numbers under control,” Tabitha says. “That doesn’t mean that I am not diabetic, but it means that I am in control.”


Stay Active

“You have to take some exercise,” Tabitha says. “It doesn’t have to be at the gym, but you need to stay active. Before, I was always in my bedroom, watching the TV on the wall. Now, I have started getting out and moving more. I got a new job. Before, I was sitting down for 12 hours, snacking, now, I am active both at work and in the garden.”


Be Consistent

“My coach really helps me stay consistent,” Tabitha reports. “I could reach her at any time, and my family was there when she couldn’t be. You have to drink enough water; you have to get enough sleep; and you have to be consistent. That is what I have learned and that’s what I challenge myself to do.”


Focus on What You Love

“I have always loved to garden. This time of year, I have amaryllis and paperwhites in the house, but in the spring we will grow cucumbers, peas, peppers, and we are going to try and grow herbs. Before I lost weight, I was falling in the yard. I fell twice, but now I can enjoy the things I love again.”


Focus on the People You Love

“Your kids pay attention to the example you set. They always need you, and it is a matter of doing for yourself so that you can do for them. They see the successes you have had. They can tell when you are on your game. Melissa has lost nine pounds with OurSkinny in the first week and, as for me… “I feel like I am unstoppable.”

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