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"My day can be pretty busy, and I am a stress eater. Fortunately, I have found that OurSkinny really does sustain you throughout the day." Stefan Kowolik had already lost a few pounds from his peak weight of 275. His wife Nancy had been on the OurSkinny program for a while, and so together they were making better choices at dinnertime. “She did it all on her own,” he says. “Just to see the change in her was very exciting and motivating enough for me to try it.” He has since lost 30 pounds, despite the fact that his busy schedule allows little time for exercise.

As an Engineer Supervisor for Gulfstream Aerospace, Stefan manages a team of 7 professionals who are collectively responsible for various systems in the world’s most technically-advanced business jets. “My job is schedule-focused, deadline-oriented,” he tells us. “I am at work probably for 11 hours a day, but I have found with OurSkinny that it really does sustain you throughout the day.”



Stefan and Nancy had tried other programs. 23 years ago, just before they were married, they tried Weight Watchers. “That was our first time as a couple doing something together. Three years later we did South Beach together, and now this program. “OurSkinny is simple compared to anything else,” he says. “No calorie counting. Not too much concern about your next meal. You are eating shakes and bars throughout the day and then basically you have a normal meal at night. It doesn’t seem to impact a normal routine.”

Last year, when Nancy was just starting out on OurSkinny, Stefan enrolled in a program at a local age management clinic, hoping to maximize his energy levels during the long work day. He found himself disappointed. “It was kind of like a very basic version of Cenegenics, a combination of vitamin supplements and testosterone and diet. All it ever did for me was give me acne and it was very expensive.”

OurSkinny does not require shots or expensive supplements, just real food plus OurSkinny shakes and bars. “I had no trouble adjusting to the program. My day can be pretty busy with meetings and everything, so the shakes work well for me. I eat a salad for lunch and I try to remember to have a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts in the mid-afternoon. We eat a regular dinner at night and I save the bar for my dessert.”

As Stefan reflects on his own progress, Nancy is taking her turn in front the cameras. She interrupts his interview momentarily, bursting through the door with a little twirl. She gives him a quick kiss, “I had this lovely dress on, and I just wanted you to see it!” She is radiant, and Stefan is visibly proud of her.

“She was on the program for about a year, so of course, it was very gradual,” he says. “That’s the difference. It takes a little longer unfortunately for women to lose weight. Whenever we have been on a diet or some sort of weight loss plan, I would tend to outpace her and that would discourage her, so this time she did it all on her own.” “Watching her do what she did, seeing her transform from someone with very low self-esteem to someone who is so positive and so fantastically happy and who has a job now that allows her to interact with people… it was just very exciting.”

Stefan didn’t face the sort of health issues Nancy had to overcome, but he does notice a difference now that he is thirty pounds lighter. “Years ago I was fooling around playing soccer and caught my knee out of joint and it has been prone to arthritis. When I am heavy I can really feel it, and now that I have lost some of the weight it doesn’t really bother me.”



While OurSkinny now recommends a healthy snack to go with the 411+, Stefan confesses an occasional weakness for sweets. “As I say, I am under a lot of stress at work, and unfortunately, I am a stress eater. I read somewhere that your body craves sugar – sweets – when you are under stress, because it gives you easy energy. It’s a quick solution, but then after that your body always wants more.”

“The good thing on this diet,” Stefan smiles, “I don’t feel guilty if I cheat. On most diet plans you are so regimented in what you are doing that anytime you stray from it you start to feel guilty. With OurSkinny, all right, I ate something I shouldn’t have eaten today, but I have the rest of the week to make up for that and it doesn’t seem to impact the progress.”

“That first 20 is easy, and then after that it gets a little bit harder, requires a little more effort, and you have to try and get in some exercise, but the key is to stick to the program – and see the results.”


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