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Rachel's Success Story

Rachel Hopkins is a high school teacher, an inspiration to her students and for her colleagues and members of her church community. She lost 70 Pounds on the OurSkinny program, and these days she is a MUCH happier person.

“I am not the girl that wants to be super skinny,” Rachel says. “I never have been that girl, but I weigh less now than I did as a senior in high school, so that’s kind of cool.” 



Rachel moved around a lot growing up—she went to high school in Topeka, Kansas—before moving to Savannah, Georgia nine years ago. Her father is a minister, and Rachel was active in their church community and living a full, busy life, even if she found she wasn’t as athletic as she once had been.

“I had become that… well, the fat teacher is basically what I would call it,” she tells us. “I decided finally enough was enough, because I had basically just been making excuses for myself.  Saying it was too much weight I needed to lose, yadda-yadda.”

Rachel knew she needed to do something differently, but it was her mother’s weight loss that finally inspired her to action.

“I had seen how successful she was,” Rachel recalls. Her mother, Donna, lost 51 pounds on OurSkinny  and seemed to have a new lease on life. “I was kind of just watching her week to week, and she was so content and happy with it the whole time and I was like, ‘OKAY I am not so content and happy…’” 

“I started looking at it, and looking at the actual content of the shakes, and I decided it’s better than what I am eating. So I finally sucked it up and decided to join, right before or just after the school year started in 2015.”


Rachel was at first hesitant about drinking OurSkinny shakes. Would she be able to make it through a busy workday? But after the first week or so, she got on a roll. “Like today,” she says. “I had a shake and I didn’t even think about it for the rest of the day – it fills me up so I can focus on my classes, the kids, their needs.”

Busy as she is, OurSkinny really suited Rachel’s routine.

“I was really consistent with it except on holidays and on breaks. It was easy to stay on the diet. That’s the best part of OurSkinny. When I am at school and at work, I am not focusing on, ‘Oh, I could be eating this or ooh, I wish I could have some of that.’”

“Now, when I wasn’t in school I would get off my routine. But I always got back on track.  It was easy to get back on the program.”

When we asked her what she would say to someone who was considering starting out on OurSkinny, she said, “You just have to discipline yourself, but once you get past that it’s easy and it’s fun and it’s yummy.”

“It’s really not hard, but when I first started I confess I wanted to cry. You feel like you should be eating—I mean, as Americans, we’re just like consume, consume,  consume—but once you get the rhythm down, you start to get on a roll.”


Rachel teaches U.S. History and Psychology and she is the youth group leader at her church. This past summer, she was part of a group that went to Ghana on a Fulbright. She also led a mission trip to Alaska.

“I started my summer in Ghana and ended it on the other side of the world in Alaska," she says, "and it was very clear to me how much weight I had lost.”

“In Ghana we walked everywhere, and I was actually able to keep up. In Alaska—don’t get me wrong, I am not in shape enough to truly hike mountains—but I could definitely tell I had energy again. I was able to enjoy it and to complete the hike, where previously I would have been dying at the bottom of the hill, like, ‘Y’all have fun!’” 

Rachel played soccer and tennis in high school, and she is actually the assistant soccer coach at Johnson High School in Savannah. “I had done it previously, but OH! I can actually run on the field now. Before I was like, ‘Good job guys!’ Now I am actually involved and participating.”

That is true in her personal life as well.

“I feel much more comfortable going out now, which is kind of awesome because I am meeting new people that way. I think, because I feel more confident,  I enjoy myself more with my friends, and they have said that and noticed a difference… that I am just a happier person.

“I appreciate life more maybe is a better way to put it, in all of its aspects.”

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