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My Life Changed Dramatically

Barbara Randolph works in the Research Department at Candler Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. She lost 120 pounds with OurSkinny and changed her life. "I can’t explain how good it felt to get off the medications that I had been on for so many years," she says now. "I feel different. I feel great about myself." 

18 months ago she was overweight, taking three different kinds of medication, suffering from sleep apnea. She couldn’t find anything to wear, which was upsetting enough. And then her doctor sent her home to sleep with a C-PAP machine in order to control her sleep apnea.

“I felt like, if I can go out and buy shoes and go out and buy clothes, I could afford to make a change in my life. So I put all those things on the backburner and started focusing on my health.”


Sleep apnea is a major epidemic in the United States and is directly associated with weight gain. In fact, 70 to 80% of patients with sleep apnea are overweight. As Barbara says, “You think you’re just snoring but, actually, you stop breathing for a second.”

Dr. James Daley, a sleep specialist at Southeast Lung Associates, confirms this: “With sleep apnea, a patient not only snores but repeatedly stops breathing - choking - in the night. They can’t figure out why they are so tired and fatigued throughout the day, and often times it takes a spouse or partner to point this out to them.”

“A C-PAP machine - you wear it during the night - provides continuous positive pressure through the nose down into the throat, holding the throat open while the individual is sleeping. The success rate long-term is very poor, because even though the treatment is effective, it’s uncomfortable and a nuisance.”

That was certainly the case for Barbara, having to wear the C-PAP at night meant that it was time to make a change.


Within six months, Barbara had lost 120 pounds (and she has kept them off). That’s a testament not just to the OurSkinny program (”I believe in it,” she says emphatically, “It works”) but also to her own determination and dedication.

“When I decided to make a change, I started off walking 6 miles a day. Before, I couldn’t hardly walk around the block, but now I run six miles. Every day I am at the gym, on the treadmill, lifting weights. So my life has changed completely. If I miss a day of going to the gym now, I am spastic.”

“I also changed the way I cook dinner. My kitchen and my cooking have changed completely. I use olive oil now. I am a fish and chicken person. Salads. And no fried foods whatsoever.” As for sweets: “I still love the Caramel Crunch. I’m still buying it every week! It’s like, to me, I had a Snickers… but it’s a healthy Snickers. OurSkinny bars are the only sweet I’ll eat!”

The best part: “I picked out a whole new wardrobe. In fact, I got rid of three wardrobes worth of clothes. Everyone asked me, did I want to sell them, and I said, ‘No, just please come get them.’”


A year later, Barbara has kept the weight off, and she looks great, even if people don’t recognize her at first. “Even at my job, I pass right by people who haven’t seen me in a little while and have to say, ‘It’s Barbara!’”

She confesses that she misses OurSkinny, “But I recommend it to everyone. I talk to friends. I talk to my daughter (I just got her to sign up). I tell everybody about it, and they can see the difference in me. “The result sells itself.”

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