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Mike Bieda has lost over 80 pounds thanks to OurSkinny, and he continues to maintain his weight on the program. Today, he will tell you that, “Even when you struggle, it is so easy to get yourself back up again.” That wasn’t always the case. A former state trooper in Maryland, Mike flew helicopters for over 35 years. He and his wife later retired to South Carolina and found themselves enjoying the good life—they loved it—a life of golf and leisure. He ended up enjoying it maybe just a little too much. Mike had existing heart problems, and riding around on golf carts, eating a little too richly of that good, Southern food, he gained a lot of weight. Ultimately, following surgery to repair his rotator cuff, he experienced a fall. “It was about four weeks post-surgery,” Mike told us. “I was in the house when I fell and I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t get up without help. I decided right then, I am not going to be that way again… ever… it is not going to happen.”



“That’s what motivated me and continues to motivate me,” Mike says. “I don’t want to be seventy years old and completely helpless or eighty years old and helpless, I want to be full of life like I am right now, enjoying my retirement… “Since I have lost the weight, it’s been tremendous, absolutely tremendous.”

Mike has a lot more energy these days. Whereas he used to play nine holes in a day, these days he will play 18, sometimes 36, and there are days when he feels like he can do more. “I walk the course now. I do a lot more than I ever did. I am a lot more active.”

For Mike, diet had to come before exercise. “I found that in my circumstance losing the weight first helped me to become more active.” He credits OurSkinny: “This is the first program I have found that it is easy to do—I mean, it’s not rocket science—and I don’t find myself hungry.”

Like most of us, Mike had tried losing weight before. “You don’t know how many times I have done this throughout my career,” he says. “The state police have to maintain a certain weight, so I would gain weight, I’d lose weight, gain weight, lose weight. I did this yo-yo stuff, and it’s not healthy.”

Like so many clients who turn to OurSkinny, Mike tried Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, but was unable to sustain his initial success. “Those programs work for a while, but they are very time consuming,” he recalls.

“OurSkinny is different. OurSkinny is simple.” “It is very easy to plan ahead, very easy to accomplish your goals.” Most importantly for Mike, getting back on the wagon was easier than falling off. After losing about eight to ten pounds a month, he did eventually hit a plateau. A quick consultation with his OurSkinny coach got him right back on track. “Whereas before, on some of these other programs if you struggled, you just gave up… now it’s like, if you need help, there is always someone available.” “With OurSkinny, even when you slip up, it’s just so easy to get yourself back going again.”



It makes sense: our clients are our best ambassadors, and Mike is among the most voluble. His wife saw him doing so well and after about two months, she started on the program. She’s since lost 40 pounds herself.

Mike is gleeful as he tells us, “Everywhere I go when people say, ‘Oh you lost a lot of weight!’ or ‘You look so much healthier.’ ‘How did you do it?’ ‘Even in your face… you’re glowing!’” “This is the first thing I tell them: go to”

His message is simple: “It works and it is so easy to do. For anyone who wants to try it, I would say try it for two weeks. See what happens in those two weeks. You might be slightly hungry at first, but see if you don’t feel better right away.”

As for what to expect, Mike is quick to point out that OurSkinny is not a miracle solution. “Don’t come in here expecting to lose 20 pounds the first month. This is healthy weight loss; weight loss that you can sustain.”

Having spent most of his life “protecting” and “serving,” Mike has learned how better to care for himself. “I am making better choices,” he says. “I mean, I really am making much better choices than I did before.” “I have learned to not sabotage myself… and I used to do a lot of that.”

That is not to say that Mike has stopped living the good life. “I treat myself well,” he says. “But whereas before used to treat myself with a dessert, these days I will go out and buy a new pair of pants or a new suit. Something nice.” After wearing clothes in the 50s, he now shops in the low 40s.

He loves to cook as well, but his eating habits have changed. “I eat much smaller meals now, and when I do eat I realize the choices I make affect what happens to me. I mean, I knew how to cook healthy, but I have learned some better techniques over time and thanks to some suggestions from the coaches at OurSkinny.”

All of this had to happen if Mike was going to make the most of his golden years. He has been diagnosed with heart disease. He has had his thyroid removed and is forced to take thyroid supplements (“That doesn’t help you lose weight, trust me.”) He was also on blood pressure medications, but thanks to his determination in losing weight, his blood pressure is now within the normal range without medications.

“I may be using this program for the rest of my life. Which is fine with me… for what it costs, I mean, I would have spent that in food—and food that’s not really good for me.”

It is always nice to hear compliments, and Mike gets a lot of them these days. “The people that I have known, they see me, they can’t believe it! They’re calling me skinny. I am nowhere near skinny, believe me. Skinny… I am a big guy, come on!” For all that, it’s the health benefits and the renewed feeling of independence that matter the most, in part because it is all about making the most of time spent with family and friends.”

He says, “You’ve got to stay motivated.” “I have always been very independent myself, and I have taken care of people, very close family, and I just don’t want to be like that. I just want to be able to walk as long as I can without a walker, without a wheelchair, without anything, and I feel that by taking off the weight and having an active life, I am giving myself that opportunity.”

“That was my motivation and that continues to be my motivation, because, really, it is all about you. It’s not about what your wife wants or your girlfriend wants or your boyfriend wants. It’s about you. You have to worry about you, and that may sound selfish to a certain extent, but if you’re not well, you can’t have these relationships. It’s taken me years to realize, that but now I have got it.”



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