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At 360 pounds, Medie was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. When ongoing health concerns forced him to give up golf, he decided to try OurSkinny. Medie Still works for Gulfstream Aerospace, makers of the most technologically advanced business jets in the world. He’s been there for 30 years, troubleshooting and otherwise helping to ensure the safety of Gulfstream jets thanks to a process called “model-based metrology.” Metrology, for the record, is the science of measurement, and so when his own numbers began to worry his health care providers, Medie took their warnings seriously. He began to work with the staff at Ourlife Health in 2011. In May of 2012, he started the OurSkinny Weight Loss Program and by April of 2013, he was down 75 pounds. Today, he works out with OurSkinny’s Nathan Mikeska, and has kept the weight off while adding muscle.



“I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes six years ago and couldn’t keep the weight in check, though we tried several different types of diets,” he recalls. “My A1C was horrible—11.0—my blood sugars and my blood pressure were horrible. I weighed 360 pounds.”

In March of 2011, Medie began to work with Ourlife Health’s Nurse Practitioners. After a year, they had his blood sugar and blood pressure under control. His AIC was down to 6.8. It was at this point that OurSkinny’s Jennifer Demott told him that it was time to work on the weight. “She suggested in May last year, ‘Now that we’ve got all this under control…’ (which no doctor had been able to do for me, by the way)… ‘I want you to take four of these shakes home. Try it. I think we can get the weight off… that’s our next project.’”

Medie started the OurSkinny Weight Loss Program on Mother’s Day of 2012. “The first few days, I was still a little hungry,” he admits. “I just did an extra shake in there and after about 8 or 10 days, it got to be routine. I was never hungry.” “I think that was the biggest surprise about the whole thing. I was never hungry during the day.”

“I thought, ‘Okay, well, if I am not hungry, I can make this work.’ I could do strictly vegetables and a piece of meat, because that’s pretty much all we get to do at night anyway. Neither of us get time to do a whole lot of cooking.” The plan got Medie’s attention after the first two weeks: he had lost 20 pounds. “As of November, ‘bout thanksgiving, I had dropped 75 pounds. I want to get to 100, because I have not weight that in about 35 years.”

Once Medie was down to 285 pounds, he was advised that he could begin adding previously-excluded, healthy foods, including fruit, back into his diet. What Jennifer and the other coaches did not know is that Medie is originally from Pensacola, Florida and, as he puts it, “Their definition of putting fruit back in my diet and my definition of putting fruit back in my diet is two different things.”

“I love fruit,” he says, shaking his head, “I grew up in the middle of it. Grapefruit literally laying all over the place. It was nothing to go out there and eat 10 oranges at a time. My mother would bring home five pounds of grapes, and I’d eat four of ‘em before she got that other pound in the refrigerator.”

Medie’s weight loss stalled, and he actually gained 8 pounds at one point. Fruit, of course, is full of carbohydrates, and while it’s good for you, overindulging can have notable effects on weight loss. “I really didn’t connect the fruit to weight gain, because I was going up and down for five or six weeks, but it was the fruit. I have been fruitless now for five days, and I actually dropped 3 pounds this week.”

Being from Florida also meant that Medie grew up playing golf. “I played ball all my life—football and baseball—and I played golf a lot, except I have been so busy the last four or five years that I haven’t gotten to play.” Reflecting on those years, he confesses, “I kind of quit playing golf because my shoulder was bad, and everything was just going south because of the weight.”

Thankfully, the numbers are there to cheer him up. Medie’s last A1C was 5.8, with all his lipids in the “satisfactory” range. His blood sugar now averages 103, and his blood pressure has been excellent for the past three months. Better yet, he is 5 sizes smaller than he was. He smiles, “I am fixin’ to get back into it. I am trying to get my work schedule to where I can play golf one or two days a week."

"OurSkinny’s ‘bout got me back into my Tiger mode.” “See—that’s what I want to look like—even though there’s probably 35 years difference between the two of us. Tiger Woods looks like I used to look like. He’s built, I’ll tell you what, but I can still take on ‘em boys.”


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