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If I Can't Run Fast, I Will Run Far

“Even though I run and manage to eat okay, 20 pounds snuck up on me,” she recalls. “Whatever I was doing wasn’t working. Turns out, I wasn’t eating as well as I thought.”

Kelly Luckett will tell you that she is an adult-onset runner. She started running in her thirties, after her husband started training. She would go along and watch him run the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta every year. There, she saw people of all shapes and sizes running, people of different abilities and maybe some disabilities out there all together.

Eventually, she says, “I got kind of tired of standing on the sidelines watching.” “I have a prosthetic leg, and so it was always awkward to run as a kid. It means that I am not a very fast runner, but I figured if I can’t run fast I can run far.”

Kelly completed her first full marathon in 2004—qualifying for the Boston Marathon in process! This year Kelly will run her 12th consecutive Boston Marathon. She’s run more than 40 major races to date, including ultra-marathons, which is anything more than 26.2 miles. In 2014, she ran a 24-hour race, completing 62 miles (or 100k, which was her goal) in 19 hours.




It’s hard to imagine that a habitual marathoner might need to lose weight, but last year Kelly noticed that her clothes didn’t fit as well as they once had. “Even though I run and manage to eat okay, 20 pounds snuck up on me,” she recalls. “Whatever I was doing wasn’t working. Turns out, I wasn’t eating as well as I thought.”

Last summer, with all her co-workers raving about OurSkinny, Kelly decided to give it a chance. Two months later, she had lost the weight and she’s been at goal weight ever since.

“We don’t eat much meat at home,” she explains. “My husband is a vegetarian, so we eat a lot of pasta and a lot of fresh veggies. Before, I wasn’t eating enough protein, but OurSkinny has helped to provide that balance.”


Kelly works as a Management Engineer in the quality control department of a busy hospital, and in 2015 her co-workers discovered OurSkinny.

“The other ladies in my office, all of them were doing OurSkinny. Every few hours you would hear the shake-shaking, and after seeing so many of them have such wonderful results I finally gave in.” Kelly decided to give OurSkinny a try, though she was more than a little bit skeptical. “You have no idea how much of a sweet tooth I have or how much of an appetite,” she says. “I thought for sure I am going to be hungry, but I have been amazed and pleasantly surprised and never hungry. A lot of days I never even had the piece of fruit.”

Kelly lost four pounds the first week and was surprised to find that she wasn’t as tired at 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Her clothes were suddenly fitting better, and, of course, her co-workers noticed. “They said, ’Okay, you look great, you’ve lost enough weight…’” Kelly laughs, “…and then they kind of stopped talking to me about it.”

Kelly was concerned about what she would do when it came time to train for the next race, but she wasn’t going to let that get in the way of losing weight. “I said to myself, if I am really going to do this, I want to have results and not cheat on it or do it half-way. I made a spreadsheet—which is a big part of what I do for a living—and did everything by the book.”

She also did her research. There are two main sources of fuel for exercise: fat and carbohydrates. While carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy for a sprinter’s “burst,” at longer distances the body also depends on fat. “Since I am a slow runner anyway, a change in my diet doesn’t make as much difference as it does to someone who is focused on speed.”

The first time she went on a training run, Kelly had some extra carbs—pasta!—the night before. She had already lost some weight, so she was feeling great. In addition to carbs the night before, these days she might have toast or oatmeal in the morning, and she uses energy gels during the run.

“It has worked well. I am lighter and running as well, if not better, than I did before. Now, sometimes after a run, I will do what I used to do and have some real, chocolate milk afterwards as a kind of treat.”

When she thinks about the advice she might give to others losing weight on OurSkinny, Kelly is quick to note that she was very strict in approaching the diet: “There’s enough flexibility that you don’t feel like you are being deprived,” she says, but on the other hand, “I documented everything. All four shakes, the bar, my meals, fruit, snacks, multivitamin and Benefiber. I even weighed out my vegetables.”

She also recommends drinking lots of water: “The more water I drank, the easier it was to lose weight … or course, as a runner, I will often have 80 ounces in a day, usually four 20oz.” To that she will add, “Maybe tiny little bit liquid water enhancer with vitamins, just for that tiny bit of flavor.” Kelly continues to maintain at goal weight with help from OurSkinny. As for the shakes themselves, “I love the cappuccino shakes,” she says. “I sometimes buy different flavors to keep things interesting , but mainly I just want the cappuccino.”

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