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“It’s set for you. You don’t have to plan; you don’t have to count; and you don’t have to measure. And I have to tell you, the bars are delicious.” Kathy Padgett was sixty years old when she started the OurSkinny program and lost 45 pounds during those six months. Better yet, she dropped three dress sizes. Looking back, Kathy says, “OurSkinny is the first diet that has actually taken inches off my hips and legs.” Kathy is a Medical Technologist at a busy hospital. Her workdays start early and go long, and she has trouble getting a meal from 4:30 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon when her shift ends. That’s one of the reasons OurSkinny worked so well for her. “It was easy to do,” Kathy says. “I don’t have time during the day to sit down and eat.”



Kathy had been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, since back in the 1980s, and she had successfully reached her goals. She went back on it in 2000 and lost about twenty pounds. In 2010, she lost her father, and put all the weight back on and more due to grief and stress. She didn’t have the time or energy to plan meals, or shop, and it took too much effort to think about what to eat and when.

“This time around with stress and all I could not keep up with points, measuring, planning meals, I just couldn’t do it. There comes a time when stress and other things that we deal with can be overwhelming, and for me I was not able to cope with all that and dieting and losing weight.”

Interestingly, the OurSkinny program was almost a comfort for her. “I enjoyed it,” she recalls. “OurSkinny has been easier than any other diet I have been on and I have been on quite a few. To me it was easier, because I didn’t have to plan anything.”

“I am in a situation where I can’t eat during work,” Kathy says. “We work in a lab and you’re not allowed to have food or drink. OurSkinny worked out well, because I could fix the shake, and it would be ready when I could take a break. All I had to do was find a quiet place to drink it.” According to Kathy, that’s the great thing about OurSkinny, “It’s set for you. You don’t have to plan, and you can fit it into your schedule really easy. You don’t have to count; you don’t have to weigh; and you don’t have to measure.”

For Kathy, the versatility of the products was an important factor for success: “I would mix the shakes with my coffee, especially the Chocolate and Cappuccino. I would mix the Vanilla Pro with diet root beer or diet orange drink, or orange dream with diet lemon-lime soda.” “And I have to tell you the bars are delicious. The Caramel Crunch, especially, it’s like a Snickers. My only problem is that I want more of them, so I take one with me and hide the rest.”

“I have no bad feelings about Weight Watchers, because it’s good,” Kathy is quick to add. “If you have the time and the will to plan your meals and count points, it works, but I couldn’t do all that after I lost my father.” Kathy’s doctor gave her an OurSkinny brochure and said, “When you get ready, give this a try.” She thought, “This is all I have to do? Shakes, a bar, and one meal that I have to plan? When I read that, I thought, ‘I can do this.’”

“I didn’t have to pay for counseling, and the money kind of worked out the same as the other diets I have been on. My husband said our food bill went down, because I wasn’t buying extra food here and there and what I was eating was something that he could eat – it wasn’t like we were having to do special meals or anything.”

The weight took a while to lose, but Kathy was patient. “I think everybody’s got to understand that I didn’t gain this weight overnight, and it’s not going to go away overnight. Some people just have to work at it harder than others.” “It took me about three months to lose 10 pounds, maybe because of the grief and because I guess my body had to adjust or whatever – I had been dieting already – but the inches were coming off, which was very pleasing. And then after about three months, it really started dropping.”

Two years later, Kathy is still maintaining the weight loss with OurSkinny, and she is still enjoying the bars. “I will have one in the morning when I am working,” she smiles just thinking about it, “because it gives me my meal and I don’t have to worry about preparing anything.” “I do use the shakes as a kind of go-between,” she adds. “I carry a shake with me at all times.”

Kathy is pleased to be able to fit into some of her old clothes. She continues to walk occasionally and enjoys an occasional bike ride. And her weight loss has inspired friends and family as well. “I have several friends in the lab and several in the neighborhood who are on it because of me,” she says proudly. “They seem to be pleased with it and they enjoy the bars too!”


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