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We All Need a Kick in the Butt Sometimes

“Everyone—especially women—everyone struggles with their weight, so there is no reason to be afraid to try something new.”

Jennifer Cook is a Nurse Practitioner at BCG Medical Group. In addition to her work for BCG, where she sees patients every Monday through Friday, she sees in-home hospice patients on the weekends and puts in hours at a government-funded psychiatric hospital. “I basically live here,” Jen told us from her office at BCG. “I am also very, very competitive,” she added. When her boss offered a cash prize to the winning team as part of the OurSkinny Weight Loss Challenge, Jen was on it. “You wouldn’t think it,” she says, “but health care practitioners still need a kick in the butt just like everybody else.” Jen thought she didn’t have a lot of weight to lose—“After I had my baby, I was carrying some weight in my lower abdomen, and it can sometimes be hard to lose those pounds”—but she wound up losing 20 pounds in just eight weeks. “The OurSkinny shakes work in perfectly as part of my day to day—we don’t get a scheduled lunch –and even though I lost the weight, I still have some at home for when I know I am going to be super busy."




Jen traces her weight gain to the birth of her child three years ago. “I had an emergency C-section with my baby, and so it took me a while to get back to feeling normal again.” Despite a busy work schedule, Jen tries to make time to run three times a week. She is up early on the weekends, three miles on Saturday and three miles on Sunday, but it was hard to do while carrying those extra pounds.

“Your knees kill you when you have a little extra weight, and I had trouble getting back into it.” Now, six months since she finished “in the money” during the OurSkinny Challenge, she’s put some of the weight back on in the form of muscle mass—finally, it feels good to work out again. “My measurements haven’t changed,” she insists, “and my clothes are still fitting better.”


Jen loves her work, but with a fiancée and a three-year-old at home, she has to be careful to make time to take care of herself also. “I drive an hour to and from work, so that’s time for reflection,” she says, “and sometimes I get ‘me’ time after everyone goes to sleep.”

If you have trouble avoiding fast-food and snack foods during the workday, you are not alone—the break room can sometimes be a minefield, no matter where you work. It is no different at BCG Medical. Donuts, baked goods, including birthday cake, and a vending machine full of junk. “We cook pretty healthy at home,” Jen says. “But the OurSkinny Challenge was a great reminder that weight loss doesn’t stop at home…”

Each day, Jen would pack a little lunch bag—carrots or apples and her OurSkinny bar. She would enjoy her morning coffee on the way to work, adding OurSkinny Cappuccino for flavor. She would then have the rest of her shakes throughout the day (Vanilla Pro spiced with a dash of cinnamon). Jen took over leadership of her team and would make her rounds at lunch time: “What are you doing for lunch today?” or catch her co-workers snacking, “What are you eating?!” Of course, this is all in a day’s work for Jen…


Jen sees many, many patients who struggle with their weight, and most suffer from some number of associated chronic conditions. Diabetes. High-Cholesterol. Hypertension. “We all want to look and feel better,” she says, “but if you are severely overweight, it can be a matter of life or death.”

“The most important thing—and this is why the OurSkinny program works so well—is having someone to hold you accountable every single week. I like that OurSkinny offers free coaching for everyone on the program.” “With my patients, I notice that if they don’t schedule an appointment for another three months, after the first few days, they give in to those cravings again. Two months later, they realize they have an appointment coming up and try in those last two weeks to make up for lost time.” “It just doesn’t work that way.”

Indeed, recent studies suggest that patients who weigh themselves more frequently tend to lose more weight, and Jen agrees: “The other thing is that a weekly appointment as part of a weight management program can allow you to see your progress. If you haven’t lost weight, we may find that you have lost inches instead.”

It is nice to hear encouragement from a health care professional, and Jen has found that most of her patients are relieved to find that she struggles too: “Everyone—especially women—everyone struggles with their weight, so there is no reason to be afraid to try something new.”

When she sits down with a new patient, the first thing Jen asks them to do is document their last twenty-four hours: breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in-between. “That’s where it starts, just by paying attention, and I have to pay attention just like anyone else,” she says. “There is no such thing as a get out of jail free card when it comes to weight loss, and it can be a comfort to know that you are not alone.”

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