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I Don't Hurt as Much Anymore

“This has been the easiest system for me to follow. Because you don’t have to think about it, it doesn’t interfere with a very busy work schedule, and then you have dinner.”

At 267 pounds, Robin briefly considered gastric-bypass surgery. Her doctor recommended OurSkinny instead, and she is not looking back. Robin Knipe suffers from lupus and fibromyalgia, and just over a year ago she had a knee operation. Her doctor told her that if she didn’t lose weight, she’d be facing a total knee replacement sooner than later. Robin is an RN with over 23 years of experience in hospitals and doctor’s offices, and as she puts it, “I didn’t want to have a total knee. I have seen too many.” Her doctor also told her that every pound of extra weight she carries puts three to five pounds of unnecessary stress on her joints — even just walking, going up steps, jogging. Her doctor finally recommended OurSkinny, she started the program in May, and not quite one year later, Robin has lost 87 pounds, 79 of those on OurSkinny. She speaks confidently about the future: "I am not afraid that I am going to gain my weight back."




After her doctor suggested she give OurSkinny a try, Robin still had questions for OurSkinny’s Wellness Coaches. She had bad experience on the Atkins plan and wondered about the differences."Okay," she asked, "I understand the protein drinks and I understand the main meal, but you’re not shooting for ketoacidosis, are you?’” OurSkinny's answer was NO. “I liked the fact that OurSkinny was a basic diet that covered everything, and you didn’t have to take other supplements.”

For Robin, the flexibility of the program and the support of OurSkinny’s Wellness Coaches in helping to customize the diet were both very important, but more than anything she attributes much her success to the fact that she had made up her mind to succeed. “If you are just looking for a quick fix, there is no quick fix. You have to be mentally ready to make a change in your life,” she says.

“This has been the easiest system for me to follow. Because you don’t have to think about it, it doesn’t interfere with a very busy work schedule, and then you have dinner.”.

Robin laughs when she reflects on the first week or so, “I am a carb addict. Honest to goodness, I have known that for years. That first week is hard, but once you start getting the carbs and the sugars out of your system — after you stick with it — you don’t even miss them.”

“My husband still eats pasta. He still eats carbs. Last night, he had bread and an olive oil dipping sauce. I had two little bites. That was more than enough. Before, I would have had two or three pieces saturated in it. He still whines at the grocery store for Doritos and cookies, and oh my God we fought through the grocery store… “But I have realized that it’s okay. If I want something that I really shouldn’t have, then I have a proper portion or half of a proper portion and get it out of my system. If I want a Dorito, I’ll have a Dorito. And then go on.”



OurSkinny provides you with four shakes and a bar per day. In addition to that, we recommend a healthy, main meal at any time of the day and according to just a few guidelines.You can also have a healthy snack from our approved list and a serving of fruit. As importantly, you get a free goal-setting consultation with every order.

For Robin, it was that expert support made all the difference: “They work with you—that’s what I liked. I said I needed something more, and we talked about it. We decided that I could have an apple or one of those 100 calorie almond packets. (I love roasted almonds!)” “I think it was more mental at the time because I carried the apple around for a week before I ate it, and I carried the almonds around for that long and maybe longer. But I had them in my lunch bag. It was the fact of knowing I could have them.”


One of the most important things Robin discovered was that she could reward herself from time to time, without feeling like she was undoing all that hard work. Now that she is just maintaining her weight loss, she has found it easier to address her cravings.

“I rewarded myself by having little treats when I wanted them, having reached a certain goal,” she recalls. “Now, if I want something that I really shouldn’t have, I will have a proper portion or half of a proper portion and get it out of my system. And then go on. “It’s not that it is ruining my whole day. It’s not that it is ruining my whole week.”

When it came to shakes, Robin created her own recipe: “I would drink Vanilla Pro and Chocolate Pro mixed together. I’d take one of each, mix them together and split it back out, which made it taste more like a milk chocolate versus a dark chocolate.” Her bar of choice: “I found that I liked the Rocky Road and the Caramel Crunch and I just stuck with those. That covered the sweet part that a lot of people miss when they go on a diet. You don’t feel like you’re cheating, but you feel like you’re eating a candy bar.”

One year later and well over seventy pounds lighter, Robin is doing a lot of things that she wouldn’t have done before. “I didn’t have a big goal,” she says. “Just to get healthy.” “I have more energy than I did,” she says, “I bought a bicycle and started riding a bike for exercise. I am up to twelve miles a ride. I also have lupus and fibromyalgia, so getting my weight under control has helped with the symptoms of those conditions as well.”

Asked what she might say to someone considering the OurSkinny Weight Loss Program, Robin has this to say: “It’s a way of life. You’ve got to learn how to incorporate proper portions, proper meal management, and proper foods. If you’re going to do this, lose weight, and then go back to what you were eating, then why do it?” Robin isn't going back. “I don’t hurt as much," she says. “I am happy where I am, and this is going to be for the rest of my life.”


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