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I Am Getting into Sixes

"OurSkinny was perfect. Now I have more energy to run after the kids, and I don’t get so winded and out-of-breath chasing after them.” After Carey Fredrich had her third child, despite an active lifestyle, she found that she just couldn’t lose the weight on her own anymore. She had tried other diets before, but the weight always seemed to come back on. With OurSkinny’s help, Carey pursued a customized plan for weight loss and fitness that in just over a year has helped to trim Carey’s accumulated baby weight (plus that rebound weight gain). She has lost 17 pounds while adding muscle, but it was the inches that mattered most to her - she lost 12 inches off her waist, while reducing her body fat by 5%. “It’s been a year now,” she reports. “I have been doing OurSkinny every week for a year now and I am working out again. I went from a twelve to getting into sixes.”



“I was 23 years old and weighed 105 pounds when I got married,” Carey recalls. “I grew up on the water—we’ve always been an active family—and I had never dieted before.” “After Emma was born, I went on Weight Watchers for a year and kept it off, and then Miller came and I never really lost the weight after him. They changed the way they did their points and… nothing. Then I got pregnant with Matthew. Atkins was kind of a quick fix but the weight came back on.”

The OurSkinny team designed a combined plan for weight loss and fitness that has worked to help trim her accumulated baby weight (plus that rebound weight gain). Carey has lost 17 pounds while adding muscle, but it was the inches that mattered most to her.

“The woman in my family—my mother—we all have that belly fat,” Carey explains. “All the women on my mom’s side, that’s where we hold it. And having three kids doesn’t help. Working with the OurSkinny team, it came right off.”

Carey offers a three word review for OurSkinny: “It was perfect.” One of the most unique things about OurSkinny is that can be customized to fit most any lifestyle, and Leslie and her team made sure that it worked for Carey. “I am a bad snacker late at night,” she admits, “So I always saved one of my shakes for right around bedtime.”

“I am one of these, too, I am bad about breakfast. I can fix it for my kids, but I am not going to sit down myself…” A quick shake in the morning worked well for her, and Carey would save her bar for lunch. “We have a family business, and I do the books. I would be sitting down at my desk and I was happy to say, ‘Yeah, y’all go ahead and go to lunch.’ I just took advantage of the quiet to focus and get some work done.”

“We always sit down to dinner together,” she says, “I wouldn’t necessarily serve myself differently. I would eat off a salad plate. I may make my kids mac-and-cheese, but for the most part, we all eat the same thing.”


One of the most important keys to losing weight is a healthy dose of realism. That means setting attainable goals, and it means building-in the occasional “splurge.” As Carey says, “If I can’t let loose and enjoy life a little, I am just not going to stick to a diet. You’ve got to enjoy life." “If we go out to breakfast after church, I will get my waffle … or if we go to Outback, I will get my steak and have some of a baked potato. The rest of the time I am pretty straight on with it.”

As for accountability, Carey’s family was always there to keep her honest. “If I have a bowl of ice cream or something, my oldest, she will say, ‘I am tellin’ Leslie.” Carey laughs, aghast, “Well then!”

Those first hours back in the gym can be intimidating, but for OurSkinny customers, the friendly staff is a source of much-needed support and motivation. “I needed encouragement from someone other than my husband or my family,” Carey says. “The OurSkinny Team is very supportive, and they have pushed me when I needed a push.” That same encouragement is available to online customers as well, and every OurSkinny order comes with a free goal-setting consultation via phone or email.

Carey now works out twice a week with a trainer and twice a week on her own. “This is my outlet, just like I hoped it would be.” When working out on your own, Carey recommends Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Trainer. “P90x is too long for me,” she laughs, “I don’t have 90 minutes of the day. Ten minutes I can do, and it’s the same guy.”

These days, Carey lives an active lifestyle, and she is thrilled that summer is coming. “We are outside all the time,” she says. “We have a boat and so we will get out on the boat and head to the beach. We ride bikes a lot during the week and we’re just constantly active.” “Now I have more energy to run after the kids,” she says. “And I don’t get so winded and out-of-breath chasing after them.”

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