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I Just Want to be Healthy

Garet lost 17 pounds of baby weight thanks to OurSkinny and today she’s just four pounds away from her ideal weight. Garet Sabogal is 32, a teacher with a full-time job and two kids: a three year old boy and four-month old baby girl. During the summers she gets to be a stay-at-home mom for two months, and every year her family rents a house at the beach for a week. “My whole family is coming – big family vacation – thirteen of us in a beach house. So that’s been my motivation, because I don’t want to be in the ‘mom bathing suit’ on the beach. I would like to be in a bikini again.” “I don’t want to be super, super skinny,” she says. “I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself … and not be the frumpy mom on the beach.”




As a mother of two working full-time, Garet’s mornings are hectic, but OurSkinny has made getting the family out the door just a little bit easier. “I have a night routine,” she says. “We put the kids to bed. I make the bottles for daycare. I make the food for daycare. I make my husband's breakfast and lunch. I make my shakes, get my snacks ready to go – my carrots, my blueberries, my pistachios, my bar, everything – so that way in the morning…

“It’s hectic in the morning no matter what. No matter what time you wake up, it’s going to be hectic. So that is just ten minutes I can save. I can just grab it and go.”

Garet has a shake on the way to daycare and one while she is teaching (her students take turns going to the refrigerator for her). At lunch, she has her bar and a healthy snack, carrots and blueberries on most days. After school, she picks the kids up from daycare, has another shake in the car, and makes the transition from teacher to mom.

“I tried calorie counting,” she says. “I tried Slimfast – stuff you can buy at the store – but it didn’t work because, one, it wasn’t all that great and, two, I just wasn’t motivated. "I feel like this time around I am motivated and having the support system that OurSkinny offers just kind of keeps you on track.” 

“We have always considered ourselves healthy,” Garet says, “but OurSkinny has kind of made it our lifestyle.” She and her husband ran a half-marathon recently, and they run 5Ks as a family, with Garet pushing one child, her husband pushing the other. Their newborn, Emery Claire, just ran her first 5k last month as a two-month old.

“I feel like we are trying to instill in our kids, even though – Wilkes, our son, is just three years old – that this is the way to live your life. He gets excited about running races with us, and he wants to go work out with Daddy in the garage. He wants to ride his bike when we ride our bikes, and it is nice to see him get excited about fitness even if he doesn’t understand it all.”

As for the impact of the OurSkinny program, Garet says, “We don’t eat at Wendy’s anymore, and whenever we do go out we make a conscious effort to make healthy choices.”

Regarding Wendy’s: “When I was pregnant I would eat their chili cheese fries all the time, even though I knew in the back of my head how terrible they were, but I wanted them and I thought: “Well, I can eat these because I am pregnant.” “I had postpartum depression with my first one,” she confesses, “and for the first seven months I was crying everyday. I didn’t want to go to work, and I didn’t lose all the baby weight from him, and then when I got pregnant again I still had ten more pounds to go.”

Garet’s doctor suggested that a re-occurrence was likely, but she’s had a much better postpartum experience this time around. Garet started on the OurSkinny program nine weeks postpartum. “When I went back to work, I called OurSkinny, and I really feel like doing this and seeing the results, you know the positive results every week has helped keep me strong.” “Whereas before I was in that funk and I just didn’t want to do anything and I just let it go, now I’m like, ‘No!’ At this time, when my son was four months old, I would sit in the parking lot and cry. And now I am just happy.”

Working with OurSkinny’s Wellness Coaches, Garet developed a better understanding of how to manage her weight loss. One of the biggest lessons customers learn is about staying motivated, despite little stumbles along the way. “Everybody has cheat days. That’s a given. Everybody’s going to cheat,” Garet says. “So I will cheat and eat pizza, but the thing is knowing I can have one piece of pizza and not three. It’s not the one choice we make… it’s the three or four in a row. Now I know that I can cheat or eat something that’s not healthy, and that just means I need to work out that day, or I need to eat better the next day.”

During the week, Garet uses the My Fitness Pal app, which helps her keep track of everything she eats and charts her progress toward her goal. “My husband gets mad because I am always on my phone – he tells me I am like a teenager – but My Fitness Pal has worked for me. All I have to do is log the food I eat and it shows how many calories, how many carbs, how many grams of fiber, protein, whatever… I log my weight loss in there too, so I can see a chart anytime I want.”

The lesson: “I don’t let one day get me down. Or one week where I didn’t lose weight, because it’s not all about the weight. It’s about how your clothes are fitting. It’s about how I feel. So it’s not all on a scale, you know what I mean? It’s about feeling good about yourself.”

Garet has some straightforward advice for those considering a weight loss program: “Be motivated!” “While you might not see the results you want at first, you will get where you need when you are supposed to get there. Just stay on the right track and if you fall off, just get back on and stay motivated… because anybody can do it.”

She admits that it was tough at first – change always is. “For the first three days it stinks,” she laughs. “It’s no fun at first, but once your body gets used to the lower caloric intake it’s easy.” “You can do anything for three days.”

“I like the Cappuccino shake because it makes me feel like I am having an iced coffee, and, honestly, these bars are good. A lot of other protein shakes and protein bars you eat taste like cardboard, but these don’t.” “OurSkinny really is the easiest thing ever, and I feel silly saying that, but it is. It’s so easy.”


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