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Every Bride Has a Secret

“I certainly would not be married today without the weight loss and the confidence I gained. We are both in our sixties, but we feel like giggly teenagers." Sandra Granger Eckhart is a proud mother of five and happy grandmother of eight. She is also a small business owner, operating two day spas in Savannah, Georgia. Two years ago, busy as she was, Sandra didn’t feel comfortable doing face-to-face marketing. Because she was overweight, she didn’t feel like she was a good representative for a health-focused business. In January of 2012, she decided to make a change, but it wasn’t until she discovered OurSkinny in July that Sandra started seeing the kind of changes she’d hoped for when she looked in the mirror. 78 pounds later, having lost an average of ten pounds a month thanks to the OurSkinny program, she is over the moon.




Like so many people who are new to the OurSkinny program, Sandra had tried something similar before. “It seems like I had tried almost every diet. I had tried protein drinks before, actually, but… you know… you had to mix the stuff in a blender. Mixing a drink doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was a pain in the rear to me. And then it tasted nasty.”

In July, after six months and little progress, she found out about OurSkinny thanks to a brochure that appeared in the lobby at one of her spas. “The OurSkinny shakes are really good and, for me, it was so easy.” “My mornings are always hectic. I run the kids to school all the time. So it was an answer to a prayer: put some cold water in it, shake it up, and hit the road. The biggest problem I had initially was keeping my grand-kids out of it. They all wanted a taste and liked it.”

Even before she lost 72 pounds on the OurSkinny Weight Loss Program, Sandra was living a pretty active life. Back in January of 2012, however, she decided it was time for a change. “I told my daughters I didn’t feel like I was a good representative for a spa business, being overweight. So that was part of it… and part of it was I was just tired all the time.” 78 pounds later, having lost an average of ten pounds a month thanks to the OurSkinny program, she is over the moon: “My energy level has skyrocketed. I am much more busy. I am working out and I walk.”

All of a sudden, Sandra found herself doing face-to-face marketing for two companies! “There’s one of the estheticians she always wants to know, ‘Okay, Miss Skinny, how much did you lose now?’” Sandra laughs, “I have made OurSkinny shakes for our customers down there and we have the brochures available.”


“I love sweets… and I was a night eater. The way I use this program, the way it works for me is to have my Main Meal at lunch. I was craving salads, so I had a lot of salads for lunch. “Before OurSkinny, of course, I was craving ice cream!” she recalls. “I have my shake in the morning, then the Main Meal, two more shakes at home, and save that bar for the evening. It’s really good, and I was very satisfied.”

One of the most important things when losing weight—no matter what program you follow—is to set attainable goals. Sandra received similar advice from her doctor. “I showed the brochure to my doctor, and she said, ‘Just make a goal to lose thirty pounds first.’” “I lost thirty pounds in two months, so I went back to the doctor and she was really impressed. I set 50 as my next goal and when I hit that, she was wildly impressed. She asked for brochures and stuff. I guess 100 is really my goal now. I would like to hit 100.”

“I have taken it easy the last couple weeks, but pounds have not come back—I have just stayed. But I am ready to get back into it. I had a couple shakes just the other day, then my daughter wanted to go to the Olive Garden.” Sandra smiles, “Of course, I have found that even if I do eat off the program, I don’t eat as much anymore.”

Speaking with Sandra, you can tell she’s pleased with herself. Her family has noticed too! “My grand-kids really do help. They like to go to walks with me… and my 8 year-old granddaughter (who’s very mouthy) hugged me the other day and said, ‘Grandma, I can get my arms all the way around you!’”

In so many ways, it is as if Sandra has turned back the clock. She is practically giggling as she says, “You see, I hold onto things, but I was able to get into some old clothes. As I kept losing weight, I kept getting into older clothes… and then I had to give them all away.”

Then she reveals the biggest news of all: “I started this diet in July, but I connected with an old boyfriend in August. He and I grew up together. Actually, he was 16, and I was 14 when my family moved away. I had this huge crush on him. So, anyway, he found me through email and we started talking, and then I flew out to see him at the end of December. “It had been 50 years since we’d seen each other. He proposed, and we are getting married!”

“Now, he worries about me losing more weight, but I told him, ‘I have only got a little bit more to go.’ He’s coming out this summer, and I think he’s going to like it here.”

This story was written back in spring of 2012… and so we got back in touch with Sandra to see how things are going. She told us: “Larry and I got married in Hartline, Washington on June 30 of last year!” “Another exciting thing for me was that I got to attend a school reunion while in Washington. I had not seen these people in 50 years and it was so awesome to see everyone! I never would have had the courage to go to the reunion let alone see my childhood crush again if I had not lost the weight with OurSkinny.”

“I certainly would not be married today without the weight loss and the confidence I gained.” “Larry and I are both in our sixties, but feel like giggly teenagers. We will go on our honeymoon in April, so I am working to take off that last twenty pounds. "A side note is that I am off all medications including high blood pressure and fybromyalgia meds. I truly love Our Skinny and everyone I have met there. All are so supportive! And really, really this is the easiest diet ever! "Thank you.”



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