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Carrie Eisler is a busy stay-at-home mom to a tumbling pre-teen and a bouncing baby boy, and the Eislers are having a lot of fun these days. You meet Carrie herself and she is confident, very positive, very focused. Back in 2011, however, Carrie had a bad check up. Carrie’s cholesterol levels were extremely high, and the doctor used an ugly word when describing her condition—a word you read a lot in the newspapers these days—at just 34 years of age she was very nearly obese. Her doctor’s orders were simple: lose weight now. In consultation with the coaches at OurSkinny and thanks to the 411+ Carrie lost 40 pounds and had no difficulty meeting her weight loss goals. More importantly, her cholesterol numbers improved enough that she didn’t have to go on medication.



Carrie’s story has a second chapter. She kept the weight off for two years, maintaining her weight loss with help from OurSkinny. After she got pregnant, and then following the birth of her son, the weight started to creep up on her... Like so many powermoms, she was focused on her kids’ needs, not her own.

Eventually, though, Carrie found she was having trouble keeping up with the kids—she would be out of breath just getting to the top of the steps. “That was kind of alarming. I couldn’t keep up with them, and that was tough, so that’s why I came back.” “OurSkinny had worked before, and I knew it was going to work again.” Carrie lost 45 pounds this second time around, and she’s just as confident that she’ll be able to keep it off. “It was easy to do,” she says…




Back in 2011, the Eislers moved south from Connecticut. As a young, stay-at-home mom Carrie hadn’t made friends yet, family seemed far away, and… well… Southerners are known for both their hospitality and their love of fried food. People down south will fry anything.

“It was a change,” she recalls. “Some of it was maybe the unhealthy foods, but mainly it was just the stress of moving and trying to get settled.” Losing baby weight can be difficult, but not according to Carrie. Not thanks to OurSkinny. “Actually,” she says, “Once I made up my mind, it was easy to do. That first week is the hardest, but I never had a problem after that. It just came off with the diet.”

From the Blog: Carrie's Top 5 Tips


Stick to a Schedule

“I stick to a strict schedule when I decide it’s time to lose weight. I stuck to the plan religiously and I would eat every two or three hours, even if I wasn’t hungry. The nice thing about OurSkinny is that you don’t get overly hungry, but that doesn’t mean you can forget to eat.”


Patience is a Virtue

“You have to have patience, not just with the diet, but also with yourself. The weight isn’t going to come off in a day, and you are going to have some weeks that will be better than others. Sometimes you just have to celebrate the little things, like all the little compliments or your clothes fitting more loosely.”


Keep Your Shakes Handy

“With one at home and one in school, plus afterschool activities, I am on the go a lot. My daughter does competitive cheer, so that’s two 4-hour practices a week, tumbling a couple times a week, and we are traveling on the weekend. I always have my shakes with me in case I can’t get to a regular meal.”


Check in Weekly

“I felt I had to report to someone and so every week I would meet with the coaches at OurSkinny. Regardless, you need to find that person to help keep you honest and encourage you and keep you motivated.” (Note: OurSkinny’s coaches are available to chat from 9 to 5 on weekdays. We are also available by phone and email.)


Keep a Positive Attitude

“The most important thing for me was to keep a positive attitude. I just kept saying to myself, ‘I can and I will.’ I have all the reasons in the world to want to be healthy. My husband is proud of me, and when my daughter says, “Oh, Mom, you look so pretty!’ well… it is always nice to hear that.”

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