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I am Headed in the Right Direction

“I never thought I would say this, but I look forward to going to the doctor’s office now, because my blood sugar numbers are great and I am losing weight.”

When Angela was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she knew that her life was going to have to change. Little did she know that it would change for the better. Angela Key works in the accounting department at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, Georgia, makers of the world’s most advanced business jets. When her doctor informed her that she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it was one of her co-workers, also a diabetic, who introduced her to OurSkinny. Angela lost 34 pounds in just under four months with OurSkinny, started exercising regularly, and with help from OurSkinny’s wellness coaches, she has changed the way she eats. “I never thought I would say this, but I look forward to going to the doctor’s office now, because my blood sugar numbers are great and I am losing weight.” 



There are over 25 million diabetics in the United States (that’s more than 8% of the population), and about a quarter of those are un-diagnosed. Among the warning signs: excessive thirst, increased hunger, fatigue, rapid weight loss, skin problems (including cuts and bruises that are slow to heal), blurry vision, and tingling or numbness of the feet and hands, and an increased susceptibility to a variety of fungal infections.

“I went in for a checkup and they started asking questions at the doctor’s office,” Angela recalls, “I said, you know what, the past two weeks I have been real thirsty.” Her blood test revealed extremely high blood sugar levels. Angela’s blood glucose was “just awful,” as she puts it, her reading of 423 was well outside the acceptable range of between 70 and 130. Her A1C, meanwhile, was 11.6, whereas the American Diabetes Association recommends a reading below 7.

With her diabetes (and her sweet tooth) under control, Angela has more energy and is looking forward to losing another 20 to 25 pounds on the program. Her doctor is pleased as well and went so far as to take her off her blood pressure medication and cut two of her other pills in half. “My doctor said that he has never seen such a dramatic change in the numbers,” Angela reports. "So I am headed in the right direction.”

Angela was honest with herself. “My eating habits were awful, so it’s no one’s fault but my own. I began to change my life the very next day.” Her doctor put her on 5 medications right away and Angela was adamant, “I told him that I don’t want to be on all these medications all my life if I can control my diabetes with diet and exercise. The OurSkinny program had made a meaningful difference for a number of her co-workers in this regard, and it worked well for Angela, too.

“It’s just so convenient,” she says, “You can’t ask for anything better. It’s just shake it and go.” “I have tried all the flavors, but I am just going to brag here. I love the Cappuccino. I got hung on it, and of course the Crispy Peanut Butter bar. I think that helps my sweet tooth. I love sweets. However, I don’t crave them anymore.”

As part of OurSkinny’s 4-1-1 program, Angela has a shake for breakfast and then a sensible lunch as her main meal. “I choose lunch,” she says, “because I like to eat at the lunch table with friends.” She has her bar at 4:00, then for dinner, a few hours later, she has another shake. She likes to have here final shake just before bed. “I knew my lifestyle had to change. Ice cream. Chips. Cheez-It crackers. That was me, just a junky eater,” Angela says. “I was almost over the top, but now, I just had my A1C checked two weeks ago, and 5.6 is definitely under the radar.”

Ask Angela how she feels these days, and she gets excited, “Excellent, just more energy, more spunk. I guess you could say too, with the weight loss, it’s funny, but I make excuses to get up and walk because I feel good.” “I’m being honest!” she laughs. “It’s just, you know, you just want to get up and do more…”

Angela is doing exactly that. “I used not to exercise,” she recalls. “Or only when I had to… just the 5 steps to the refrigerator. The laziest thing, I don’t mind telling you: we have to take our trash can down to the end of the road, and I would pull up there with a car and drive to bring it back. Now it’s like, nah, I’ll put my tennis shoes on walk the neighborhood and bring it back when I am done.” Angela exercises almost every day of the week now, walking either on the treadmill or in her neighborhood. She just bought an elliptical trainer. As she promised herself: a complete lifestyle change.

Angela is just about halfway to where she wants to be with her weight loss. “I lost 34 pounds in three and a half months,” she says, “I want to lose another 25 or 30, but I am kind stuck right now. I had arthroscopic surgery back in February and I think that has been slowing me down. I have hit a dead plateau.”

There is nothing more frustrating than having worked so hard to lose weight and all of a sudden—nothing. The physiology is actually pretty complicated, and everybody is different, but the bottom line is that our bodies can grow accustomed to just about any routine. That’s why OurSkinny offers a free consultation with every order.

Angela’s Wellness Coach, Jen Demott, has her journaling, logging her food, and together they will study the results and make some adjustments to Angela’s program. Angela smiles, “I guess I must still be losing inches, though, because yesterday my boss said, your arms look slimmer. I haven’t lost any weight in the past any month, but I guess other people can see it because they give me compliments all the time.”


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