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Donna lost 51 pounds on the OurSkinny program beginning in March of 2015. “Dieting is always a challenge,” she told us. “So you have to find something that is going to work and fit into your lifestyle.”

Donna works in contracts, negotiating on behalf of Gulfstream, makers of the world’s most sought-after business jets. “I travel a lot for my job, and OurSkinny is so perfect because you can take it anywhere.

"I mean, I took it to Beijing and Hong Kong.”

These days, Donna is taking it easy—but as we approach summer she plans to lose another 25 or 30 pounds. “It’s nice to be relaxed and just maintain,” she says. “But I am ready to get serious about losing those last few pounds because I have a couple of things I want to fit back into.”

Donna lost 50 pounds with OurSkinny 



Several of Donna’s co-workers had lost weight with OurSkinny, and she had tried the shakes but it took a series of “aha” moments for her to get with the program, especially since she didn’t have problems losing weight until about ten years ago.

“When you put it on slowly, you don’t feel like you’re overweight,” Donna says, “but in the last ten years or so my metabolism wasn’t cooperating like before.”

Her first aha moment came when she was visiting my grandchildren. “We had gone to eat lunch with them and I saw a picture someone had taken and thought, ‘Oh, wow, I should delete that.’ That made me think, and then about a week later I went to the doctor.”

Donna has a bad knee, and her doctor told her—correctly—that when it came time for surgery, she would fare a lot better in postoperative recovery if she lost some weight.

“Quite frankly he was the first doctor in ten years who told me I needed to lose weight. My first thought was, wow, I wish somebody had done that earlier. I wish someone had just said it: you are overweight.”  


Donna had tried OurSkinny shakes before, enjoyed them, but wasn’t quite ready to commit. Now, with the pain in her knee worsening she had to do something. She’d had some success on the Atkins plan, but creeping cholesterol levels made her anxious.

“I always got a little bit worried about Atkins with the amount of fat you are eating, and my cholesterol was high. Every year at work they do the BMI and the blood workup, and the year before everything was really out of whack."

“I can’t exercise because of my knee,” Donna says. “Even walking causes swelling, and my knee stiffens up. I can’t do any real difficult – certainly no high impact stuff. But with OurSkinny you don’t have to feel guilty if you can’t exercise—and you’re still losing weight.

“I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t, but when you are not able to exercise, OurSkinny is a great way to lose weight.”

Donna started OurSkinny in March, did it for about a year, and she’s been maintaining ever since. “I know I still have about 25 pounds I want to lose,” she says, “but the cholesterol is down. All the good things happen in that year when you lose weight.” 


Donna’s goal was to lose 10 pounds every month. “Some months I made my goal—sometimes I went over it—and sometimes I didn’t, but that was okay,” she says, “because I still lost weight every month.”

“It’s easy, and I love easy. I don’t have to think about—well I shouldn’t say that, because when you go home you can’t eat all the things you used to eat before.” Donna still has two full-grown boys at home and she still has to cooks some things she can’t eat.

Donna dropped 8 sizes. “I started in a 16, and I am down to an 8 now!” she tells us. But the real rewards have been the impact her weight loss has had on others, her family, and most importantly, her daughter Rachel, who lost 71 pounds on OurSkinny. “You know, for me, honestly, I am glad I lost the weight, but I was so proud of Rachel when she decided she was going to lose some weight – and that she surpassed me.”

“We kind of look out for each other,” Donna says.

From the Blog: Donna's Top 5 Tips


Hang in There

“It’s hard at first when you are used to having three meals a day. You get hungry at first, but after a couple days that feeling will go away. If you’re hungry have another shake... it’s okay to do that.“


Quit with the Soda

“I don’t like water, but I learned to stay hydrated. I had to get rid of the carbonated drinks, because even diet sodas, the salt in them – the sodium – I find when I drink diet soda I retain a lot of water.


Visualize Success

“For me it was best to track my weight on a daily basis. I would keep a daily log and I would weigh myself every day—some people think that’s overkill, but it was rewarding to see my success on paper."


Don't Live in Fear

“You can kind of slip up with this diet and be okay. You can have a nice dinner out and have a dessert and you might gain a pound, but if you are consistent with the program, it’s not going to stay there.”


Enjoy the Good Life

“Probably the last four months I’ve done more maintaining as opposed to losing weight, but that’s the nice part about it… I didn’t really gain weight. You do learn, and clearly I learned enough to know how to."

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