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Posted  • Marjani Smith

Two Classy Chics

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The OurSkinny diet plan is one of the easiest diet plans we have ever tried. Your diet begins with 4 shakes, 1 bar, and 1 healthy meal. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, you get email and phone support whenever you need to talk to someone.

What attracted us to this plan?

There are no points to count, no calorie intake to keep track of, no books to read, no running out to “support” meetings and all of that other jazz. Frankly, I am a busy woman and I don’t have time for that stuff! I need a diet plan that is quick & easy to follow. OurSkinny is exactly that!

OurSkinny Shakes and Bars are some of the best we have ever tried! These are the types of shakes and bars that make you want to stick with the diet plan, not run away from it! Easy and delicious!

Get the Skinny!

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