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Posted  • Marjani Smith

The South Magazine

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Move over Dr. Atkins, there’s a new physician-backed weight loss solution in town.

Featured in People magazine as part of the Deen family slim-down—Captain Groover lost over 60 lbs—OurSkinny keeps it simple with shakes, bars, and one regular meal a day.

Bradley and 60 colleagues started OurLife Health in 2006, the clinical team behind OurSkinny, as one weight loss and fitness center to target the staggering statistics of obesity in Americans. Discovering that there was a lot to work on, the team wanted to create a solution. Leslie Shor, Ourlife Health Wellness Program Director, gives us the skinny on why it isn’t just another fad.

“I think weight loss and weight maintenance comes down to choices,” says Shor. “I think choices cause a lot of problems because you haven’t eaten all day and then on your way home you stop by at Dairy Queen. [OurSkinny] gives you an outline: the high protein, low carb shakes and bars and also an outline for your main meal...

What does the OurSkinny team like to hear best of all? Other than the instant gratification that comes from hearing customers have gotten off their medication due to their diet, it’s sharing in the happiness of customers who are reaching their goals.

“People come in every day to be weighed, they get on the scale and scream and for joy,” says Shor. “One lady comes in and dances, and that’s what I look forward to. People are somber when they’re in for the first time because they’ve tried everything. But they come back for a follow-up visit and they see the scale and feel better. That’s what I love.”

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