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Posted  • Marjani Smith

People Magazine

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"If the Deen's can do it, anyone can!" Slimming down is the new family tradition! Weight-loss tricks from Paula Deen, her husband Michael, and sons Jamie and Bobby" By Liza Hamm 

"Paula's 300-lb. husband, Michael Groover, faced a choice: schedule knee replacement surgery or lose weight. Because 'I'm not fond of knives,' he says, he shed 60lbs. on a strict, doctor-supervised regimen. 

"Michael Groover, 57... began a program last June called OurSkinny: four protein shakes a day plus a healthy dinner... 'When I used to diet, I'd eat a donut and think I screwed up, so I'd eat a dozen.

"'Now I've learned if you fall off the wagon, you just jump back on.'"


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